Jan 4, 2015
Zeroskye (All reviews)
It pains me to see how unpopular this show is. It’s really sad to see it overshadowed by cliche, nonsensical, and fan service reliant harem shows. You want a good harem show? It’s right in front of you.

Rokujoma (how I’ll refer to show) follows Koutarou Satomi and his life with 7 girls, 5 of them want his apartment. You’re probably thinking, “Okay, what’s so special about the show?”

Well, unlike most harems, it doesn’t use fan-service for cheap laughs. It literally had almost no fan-service. A harem that doesn’t have an ecchi tag is as rare as a protagonist who isn’t oblivious. There was a beach episode, but even that wasn’t filler. It actually contributed to the plot. Anyways, the comedy is consistent. The gags never get old and the new jokes are refreshing and funny. This shows holds a special place in my heart for not resorting to anime falls and boob grabs.

The overall plot is arguably the weakest part of the anime. I've read the light novel, so I didn't have any problems understanding anything, but for someone who is only an anime-viewer, it feels like everything is all over the place. One moment, a villain is introduced, who has some sort of connection with one of the main characters, and then the next moment another villain appears for another main character, so it's pretty easy to be left in a daze. However, at the very least, the plot isn't just used as an excuse to show shameless fan-service or how OP the protagonist is. The plot, for the most part, is reasonable and logical. It just wasn't organized/formatted in the best way. In short, the story is definitely engaging and entertaining, but is a bit hard to follow and understand.

How the romance is approached is one of the show’s greatest qualities. All the girls don’t just suddenly fall in love with the protagonist 3 episodes in. In fact, in the end, out of the 7 girls, really only one of them has fully acknowledged that they like the main protagonist. The romance doesn’t go at some abnormal pace. Their feelings for the protagonist actually feel authentic. They see his good qualities, but they’re not crazy for him. They simply understand he’s a good guy and one of the best friends you can ever have. When the romance progresses into something more, then it was worth the wait, because you got to see legitimate reasons as to why the girls fell in love with Koutarou.

The show also has a nice slice of life feel to it. You get to see their school life and what they’re like at home. It’s certainly delightful to have a calm and serene atmosphere in the stead of exaggerated and melodramatic drama.

I don’t have much to say about the art and sound. I highly doubt you’ll have a problem with the art. The heroines are cute and the scenery is nice.

As for the sound, the op and ed are upbeat and catchy. They both have a friendly feel to it. I don’t think I’ve ever skipped the opening. The voice actors are amazing; the voices of the characters are perfect.

The characters are all lovable. They’re not the most unique and realistic characters, but none of them reek generic or one-dimensional. The heroines have back-stories to add depth to their character and they don’t completely abuse any tropes. Koutarou is a great main protagonist. He’s not the standard spineless super nice male lead. He’s kind, but has his own interests too. Not to mention, he has a back bone. He doesn't let himself get stepped all over. He's got pride , something a lot of protagonists lack.

The cast is nothing short of adorable. The way they act and their relationships with one another are hilarious, but endearing.

Rokujouma is what a harem show should be; Good comedy that doesn't utilize fan service, romance that feels genuine, relaxing slice of life moments, and one of the most likable casts you will ever see. Give it a shot and you'll see why I'm so disappointed that it's barely talked about.