Jan 4, 2015
TheFlowingStream (All reviews)
This anime is going in the All Time Favourites List along with the other classics, you know like one piece, naruto, bleach, dbz and all that stuff.
I'm not comparing with them though. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (FMAB) is not exactly like them. It is not the usual 'go on an adventure' type with dozens of episodes and fight scenes that all look the same. FMAB is more story-oriented and tactical.

First, the story is very well wtitten and everything is properly planned out and coincides with each other bringing out every element in the right manner at the right time. The concept is really good with the right blend of fantasy and reality.

Although the brothers are the focus of the show, each and every character has a role to play and help develop the story accordingly and develop themselves as well. This keeps the viewers alive to every character.

The soundtracks are soo cool. You would love atleast 4 of 'em.
I am not bothered by animation/art, but it is really good though.
I also liked the fact that there were some great statements and quotes about life, you know.

Not to mention, FMAB is one hilarious anime!! Then a little bit of drama and a little bit of a romance here and there gives it a proper outfit. I could recommend any type of person to watch this anime. For me it has become one of the classics
I saw this show when I was small and liked it instantly. Because I didn't see it properly I saw it again, and boy, was I glad I did! I loved every bit of it. Now I wouldn't say it doesn't have flaws, but why be a nit-picker when it is so enjoyable. No anime is perfect to everyone's mark afterall, eh