Aug 7, 2009
Yemi_Hikari (All reviews)
Story: 8

Mahou Shoujo Tai Arusu is one of those animes where the storyline can, for the most part keep you intriged and wanting the next episode, as each small episode ends in a cliff hanger for the most part. The story overall in itself is genius, and except for a few things is very likable. So, what isn't likable about the storyline?

The thing about Mahou Shoujo Tai Arusu is that it likes to slam the reader over the head with 'ideas'. For example, there are messages that become apparent in some of the episodes. One is that we depend to much on technollogy. The other is that evoulution is true, which might upset people who either refuse to believe it, or hate it when it isn't treated like a theory.

And the overall theme is peace instead of violence. The problem with this message, is human nature itself has always had to have a balance of these two. Of course, this is a story where there needs to be a happy ending, so this in a way works.

Art: 7

The art in here is experimental in the style. There is a lot of detail in their, but in the same time, not a lot. For example, there is detail put into the intricate designs of the costumes and clothing, but the hair and other things lack texture, and it isn't blocked in, not to mention that shadow for visual depth is lacking, giving the anime a kind of haunted look.

And some of the techniques don't quite fit. For example, when the characters cry, their tears become really sparkly and look more three dimentional shadow wise then anything else. Other times, one is given a wierd effect as they distort things visualy.

Also, flash back are flash backs, flashing in and out for a few seconds. While this fits with the mood and theme of the anime, it should be warned here... if you run the chance of having siezures, you may not want to watch this anime, even if you might find it delightful.

Sound: 10

The sound was haunting, action packed, and fit the moods as they came and went. The score was beutiful and is one of the highlights of this anime.

Character: 10

Part of the enjoyment of the characters is that, if it isn't am unnamed character, they are given lots of attention to detail on the designs of the characters. The second part of the enjoyment is the depth behind hte characters. Each has a very distinct personality, which actually helps the storyline along, and to go into depth about the characters would spoil the actual story.

Enjoyment: 8

While I rather enjoyied this, there was a point where I had to put down the anime. The main reason is, I got annoyied at the time with Alice's overly positive attitude at that time. However, I met characters that I really liked later on, others that I knew I was meant to hate.

Overall: 7

This isn't going to be for everyone. Some will take one look at the art style and choke. Others will get fed up with Alice's attitude of positiveness, while others will not like things bashed over their head. But it is at least worth watching for a bit to from ones own opinion...