Aug 6, 2009
jennycat_007 (All reviews)
This anime is so unheard of it's really a shame! I'd been watching some emotional anime recently and I really just didn't feel like watching/reading anything but then I saw a recommendation for Dokuro-chan and when I read the summary I thought I'd give it a try.

I've never regretted watching these HILARIOUS AND RANDOM PACKED 8 episodes of this anime, EVER. HAHA! I've never laughed so hard in ANY anime or manga and I've watched my fair share of them. It's so random but outrageously fun and hilarious, you'll end up wanting to watch more! This anime is definetly meant to brighten your day! Although some might be turned off by all the gore, in my opinion it only adds to its unique-ness from being just another comedy cetered cartoon to a parody of all things magical and holy. It's so different and cute and fun you'll end up watching it whenever you feel down again x3 Just have fun with it. Truly a great comedy! 9/10!