Dec 31, 2014
moodie (All reviews)
Wow coming into Tsukimonogatari i knew i was gonna get a different vibe from Hana from the start. The reason i liked tsuki more than hana is because hana seemed liked a conclusion and conclusions aren't really "fun" per say, they are just to wrap everything up. With Tsuki we are getting more plot progression and ALOT of foreshadowing. Honestly for those who don't know even the littlest hints of spoilers these foreshadowing will go over your head. When Oshino Ouji states that "the more u lose the more you mature" it just gave me chills cuz after seeing hana (which is the last part of the story, for now who knows what nisio wants to do) we realize how mature Araragi has become. To the point where he is still Araragi but you can tell there was a great deal of maturity (thx god his character is always there ie. lifting Ononoki's skirt). Also the ending with interactions with Teori and Araragi. Thats all i gotta say i know if i say more ppl will hate me for spoiling an essential part of the series and i will be exterminated from existence by hate messages. Without spoiling it lemme just say, you really gotta read into what he is actually saying. Cause there is a lot of meaning in it.

For being Ononoki's arc it did a decent job at progressing her character. With every arc we sense more growth with the characters at hand. You don't see Ononoki as just a doll anymore but more as a human, or monster. However you want to look at it. I was beginning to doubt her involvement in all of this because of how much screen time the fire sisters were getting. But the fire sisters were an important asset to this arc so it made sense.

Now the fan service. You truly can't have SHAFT directing something without giving u top notch fan service. THANK U SHAFT FOR MAKING THE FIRE SISTERS SO FUCKING BEAUTIFUL. I doubted fire sister lovers for the longest and giving no mind to them. But god damn. GOD DAMN. GOD DAAAAAAAAMN. (Beyonce flow).

Shinobu is great as always, seeing her cute face makes me wanna rip my cock off because i'd rather rub my non-existent genitalia on her pussy and make sweet lesbian love to her because no dick in this world is worthy of Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade's vagina.

Overall i would say this arc is one of the stronger arcs in the gatari series. And Nisio never fails to be soooo fucking anticlimactic with that ending. Its cute that we got to see Hitagi at the end. Moreover SHAFT really did do this arc justice. The music felt fresh, the art was amazing, the transition scenes changed from the traditional style but it fit this arc. Also, the backgrounds, honestly the most detailed and colorful backgrounds this series has gotten in a while. Im really glad they changed the vibe from hana but it just shows that hana was meant to look that way. It was a conclusion after all. I rated it a 9/10 on mal but honestly it deserves a 9.5 or higher. It didn't just match my hype like hana did but it actually exceeded my expectation.