Aug 5, 2009
zzs (All reviews)
you know when some people hear the word princess they think its all girly or they think that it will be full of happy ever after.
well this is something much different . this anime has vivid drawing and every move is very clear, you will not be confused at any cost .
this story is about a princess of course but she is not like all the other princess. the princess was suppose to be killed after she was born but she was not she grew up happily not knowing her fate. it is said that when she turns 16 she will destroy this world.
when the king found out that was not dead he sent people to kill her. after her foster parents has been killed she found out whats going on. so her step brother and step sister and she is taking a journey to some place where they will be safe. in there journey they come across many problems and powers that will help them or kill them.
there is some twist and turns along the way you might like it. i give scrapped princess all the credit she deserves.
the anime is funny and sad it has drama it has fighting and it has more .
let me know if u have any question.