Dec 29, 2014
RecklessPeggy (All reviews)
Warning this anime has more Dangos than there are in Clannad so you have been warned

Hey everyone it is I MrRecklessPenguin about to do the impossible and try to review Himegoto critically. Well, let's get this penis bulge on the road shall we? Done by studio Asahi Production Directed by Yanase, Takeyuki, script written by the mastermind behind Robot Girls Z.......

Himegoto is the story Hime Arikawa who is a second-year student at Shimoshina High School. One day Booker Dewi-err-i-mean-um Hime is forced to pay a large amount of debt but Hime is saved by the three girls of the student council after being chased down by horny debt collectors. As payment for this debt, Hime has to spend his high school life dressed as a girl. From there we encounter penis bulges larger than the Eiffel tower and more traps than an Indiana Jones Movie.

Now I do understand this anime isn't serious. In fact based on enjoyment I'd give the anime a 7/10. But lets go on the more critical side and actually analyze this story.

For the most part, Himegoto delivers comedy, not through well thought out jokes though. Himegoto mostly relies on shock value as well as throwing Love Muscles at your face. Don't get me wrong, I love my Main Vein, but they overused the Tallywhacker jokes so much that sometimes the jokes became old and staler than Dominoes Pizza. The show is fun though, don't get me wrong, I couldn't imagine Himegoto with a story, lie how I can't imagine Jay Leno without his chin. But basically if you keep reusing the. Trouser Snake jokes, the quote on quote story and comedy become overused. Also the anime likes to through in traps and when i say traps I mean this anime is basically trap service. Tom and jerry would have a field day in this anime. Every girl you think is a girl is probably a dude so when watching this anime I'd advice you to keep your hand away from your Baloney Pony.

But there is some light to be found within the last 2 episodes, the series builds up with Hime keep on getting inda tortured by the student council and decides he has had enough with them and leaves which brings me to the characters

Hime is the only character that gets a shred of development and in a short anime that's to be expected. He in the last 2 episodes becomes sick of the torturing by the student council to the point where he stands up for himself and says I'm sick of it and I'd rather be treated better. And girls who are watching, please keep in mind, we aren't talking about 50 shades type of torture, no no, that's ummm something I don't want to talk about so I'll adjust the crop around my mouth. The torture includes normal things Japanese students do like taking pictures of him in different sexy outfits, and having him be a part of a beauty show. Anyways, this helps give Hime a special touch rather than just having his One Eyed Monster center of attention all the time because my god, I saw more bulges from him than there are flabs on Honey Boo Boo's belly.

Albertina II is part of the student council is actually a manga artist and is legitimately a girl with an actual vagina. She's ummm, interesting to say the least, to say the most she is more self conscious of her flat chest than Jennifer Lawrence is with her money tits.

Unko is another ACTUAL girl from this show and is a part of the student council. She's just very energetic and fun like how Susan Boyle is in bed. She's just a fun excited character, that's all.

18-Kin...Yeah, that's umm her actual name. She's the one who always starts Hime's torture and is well in short a pretty schemish character. All I can say is she's one of the bustiest of the show so she equals out the boob to Salami ratio in this show.

Kaguya is Hime's sibling. Guess what, she's actually a he...Yeah, big shocker. He is nice to see onscreen and adds to the comedy, literally I laughed way too hard when he was introduced so i had to applaud the anime for that.

And there is Oda who is....Also...A..Trap. You know this anime could've been a Saw film and there wouldn't be a difference, traps and torture, yeah seems about right.

So the characters were fun but just 2 dimensional, nothing real about them.

The Art for the show is cute but a little rough around the edges for it's character models. They sure do love to draw them bulges though. They drew more bulges on here than there were flaws in George Bush's Presidency. The animation is very choppy though and inst that great. But for a short like this it gets the job don

As for the Ost, haha what ost? The music in the show at points sound like something I'd hear in Mario. The soundtrack isn't special at all, it fits but it's pretty bad and not memorable at all. you're better off listening to Captain Underpants Pizza Party than this.

So All and all I enjoyed Himegoto a lot, it knew what it wanted to be and it delivered. But as a critic i must say this show has more problems than the Kardashian family.
But what I can say is the comedy was pretty funny and it had me laughing
So giving the story a 3
Characters a 2.5
Art/Animation a 3.75
The OST a 2

Himegoto gets a score of 2.8 without enjoyment and with my enjoyment of a 7 gets a score of 3.65 for a reccomendation of watch it for Man Meat.