Dec 29, 2014
omegahakim123 (All reviews)
Okay.. This manga is not the best. At all. But there is one thing that this manga does absolutely right. That is character relationship development in romance. It does it in the most basic way but that is not a bad thing. What I meant by that A WHOLE FUCKING LOT of romance in media generally don't even have the slightest development between characters. This however does it in the most textbook way possible and could be an example of how to do character developments right.

Let's talk about other stuff first.


Okay, the premise is quiet unique. There aren't really any anime and manga that revolves around this type of thing. At least i don't think there is.... Is there? I don't fuckin' know BUT WHAT I DO KNOW, is that it is unique to me. I haven't really read anything that revolves around a classroom with all of the students already got a romantic partner. BUT THAT'S NOT THE PREMISE HERE, AL RIGHT?

The premise is that there is a dude who basically never had a girlfriend and is the only one left that is in the classroom that doesn't have a romantic partner and you all go "GEEZ WHAT A FUCKING FAG" and all that sort BUT WAIT!!.. There is a transfer student (of course there is. What school life manga nowadays doesn't have at least one transfer student?) So this girl don't have a boyfriend either and you all expect them to get together and shit, right? NOOo!!.. THEY DON'T JUST DO THAT OKAY?? What am I doing here describing the whole story, I'm not a story teller, I'm here to review that shit. So let's review that story and what-not.

So, the main story itself is good, but not anything special. It's not like it is the second fucking Koe no Katachi or anything. It is the same level as Kawaisou or something like that. The side stories like how this one girl is an otaku and when they discovered it they just accept it is kinda generic. There are other mangas that does the same thing but it doesn't really hurt the story or anything like that. The thing that hurt the manga is the way they respond to her. From what I remembered, the way they responded was REALLY fucking cheesy and that is one of the biggest flaw..... That's about it really to comment about it in terms of story........... Let's talk about the art.

The art is also good but not anything special. It is like the normal art you get on your normal generic doujinshi....... That's about it to talk about that too. Now let's talk about the characters.

The characters are where this manga really shine. All of the character are lovable and like I said before, develops properly and really well. The characters are also unique and stuff like that y'know? I have no idea how to explain the characters very well unless I read it through again but I really can't be bothered honestly. So, .... Let's talk about the character development.

Okay here is what the manga did right. They did the development really really well to the point where it could be a reference to other writers on how to do character development right. Since it is really short, it tries to make the development the best it could on such a short amount of pages and chapters. What I meant by that is that nowadays, people keep dragging the romance and the characters ended up not developing at all. Something like Nisekoi. The story keeps dragging on and on and on and ONANDONANDONDANDONDANDOAAMNDONDANDOANDANDODENAODNA UNTIL IT ALREADY BEATING A MUSH OF MEAT THAT IS USED TO BE A DEAD FUCKING HORSE.. The common knowledge that writers are suppose to have when making character develop is this: Hate each other -> starting to like each other -> like each other -> date. What Nisekoi and other drawn out series is doing is: hate each other -> nothing happened -> the girl becomes a huge tsundere -> (Insert 200+ chapters of filler here) -> END. THAT IS NOT HOW CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT SUPPOSE TO WORK!!

That's about all I have to say about this manga........... Bye I rate 10 10- ign go buy it NEXT YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAR

In all honesty, I rate this a 8/10 just because of how good the character development is. That's all. Bye.