Dec 26, 2014
sushiitaco (All reviews)
As I write this review I want to say that I have not read the manga and I'm currently ending the second season of this show.

This anime was constantly suggested to me by one of my friends and I refused to watch it when she initially talked to me about the show because I am incredibly picky and conscious about the media I consume. That being said, I regret not getting into this anime sooner. Magi is incredible. Maybe I'm just saying that because I'm so jaded from all the mediocre animes being praised these days (not that anime has never been mediocre lmao), but I wholeheartedly believe this series is incredible and if the anime is really a bad adaption of the manga then I can't wait to start reading.

Magi's world is based off of the real world and real geography (Alibaba, Aladdin, and Morgiana should all be shades of brown and not so pale it hurts my eyes). The main characters are based off of the Arabian Nights tales which include "Ali Baba and the forty thieves", "Aladdin's Wonderful Lamp", etc. However, the show isn't a combination of these stories. It simply borrows names and ideas from these old tales and creates an entirely new world of its own.

Magi initially gives the impression that it will be a typical shounen anime powered by platonic friendships, but it's not. Magi is not a typical, boring shounen. The first couple episodes that scream shounen aren't even boring. As you delve deeper you learn more about Magi's world and politics which makes the show increasingly more interesting. It reminds me of a good video game. You start out meeting Alibaba and then Alibaba meets Aladdin. Alibaba explains to Aladdin that he wants to capture a dungeon. Capturing a dungeon is dangerous, but, if successful, one can become rich and be granted special powers. Though, most people capture dungeons for the powers granted to them by djinn in the dungeon rather than chase the wealth.

Dungeons are erected by magi who usually lead people to these dungeons. People who successfully capture a dungeon and have a metal vessel are called King Candidates. In order to use this power, however, the King Candidates must use their magoi (essentially life energy). Some people have more than others and the magi of the world have unlimited access to magoi given to them by the rukh.

Magi also makes commentary on racial prejudice aka racism (though I see this more in season 2), classism, etc.

Now on to the art. It's good. It's not amazing or revolutionary, but it certainly doesn't hurt the eyes. Like I mentioned before, however, the main characters, despite being middle eastern are super pale and I could never find a legitimate reason for why that is. There's only one group of brown people in the show and they come from basically what is Egypt in the magi world, but everyone else is super pale (before anyone says anything, yes, I know that there are countries based off on Europe and East Asia). That's probably the biggest issue I have for the show.

Sound is also good. The music is pleasant and usually fitting for the scene, but it's not deserving of any more than a 7. I've heard better music, but Magi's ost is still good.

I gave character a 9 because of the amazing character development throughout the entire series. Things aren't as black and white as they seem and I found myself confused and unsure of what to think at times, because of conflicting opinions and views. Sure, you can simply agree with the protagonist all the time, but what happens when the protagonist is even unsure of what to think? Foes become friends. Friends become foes.

Did I enjoy Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic? Yes. Absolutely. I've been recommending it so many of my friends. I'm recommending it to you right now.

Overall, a 9/10.