Dec 26, 2014
storiessave (All reviews)
I came to start reading this after noticing it in the recommendations section of Orange Marmalade, and I am so glad that I did.

Story: At first, it seems like your typical unrequited love story with a typical shoujo MC, but with the background that's introduced for each character, and a few plot twists, it evolves into so much more. The plot is definitely not cliche with the supernatural aspect of it (and even the supernatural bit is pretty creative, too), so it was pretty refreshing.

Art: I personally love the art in this webtoon, but it may not be for everyone. If you enjoyed the comical art in Orange Marmalade or Kubera, you'll probably enjoy this too.

Character: Ha Ram seems somewhat immature at first, but grows over time as her friendship with Ga On develops. The relationships between all the different characters turn out to be more complex than they originally seemed, and I loved how much background the artist gave on most of them.

The characters are definitely not all the same, each with their own distinct personalities ( for example, Ga On is very silly and doesn't really hide what he's feeling, with a few exceptions, while Hanbit is more reserved and usually serious. The other characters all have their own quirks as well). This is probably one of the best mangas for character development that I've ever read.

As well as the character individuality, the comedy in this series is just amazing. It really does remind me of the comic moments from Orange Marmalade or Black Bird; I laughed so much at certain parts. The comedy popped up at unexpected moments pretty often, and I love when artists do that.

Enjoyment: I loved seeing the relationships develop between the characters, and without giving away anything, I am so happy that the romance part of it didn't turn out like most shoujo romances do. There is really no predicting what happens next at any point in this manga, because it's so far from typical.

The ending could have taken a very bad turn, but it turned out exactly like most people probably hoped it would. I know that this series tugged on my feels more than most mangas/manwhas do; the last 5-6 chapters made me cry so much, but they were so good. The last chapter still had some comedy in it, which I loved, because I'm glad they didn't make it a totally serious manwha at the end after all those feels from the few chapters before it.

Overall: What I originally thought would be a cliche and boring webtoon really surprised me. I quickly got engaged in the story, the frequent comedy, and got to love the characters. This is one of the best series I have read to date, and I really do recommend it to people who are looking for an atypical romance story.