Dec 25, 2014
dim100 (All reviews)
Ever see power rangers, imagine that with a gender bender premise on which instead of masked hero you get a loli-girl from a student
To be honest there are 3 big points of this anime that it does well the rest are about average.
1. the idea is simple kill the baddies, and it doesn't waste time trying to gather sympathy for the enemy like naruto or bleach or any other thing, the bad guys don't have SOB stories but instead are wacky, perverted monsters and end of the day they get sliced up by girls with weapons and we feel happy about it by the end.
2. There are no serious issues in this anime, it doesn't talk about global warming, get too deeply psychological, or attack some societal flaw it just is about a guy with a god-tier obsession with twin tails trying to protect twin tails and the world but mostly twintails.
3. The fight scenes well it is debatable the animation drops off at some point but you know I think they spent most their budget on this so I do recommend watching up to Drag Guildy then it just flops and flounders.
Side good points include cause they are always pluses for the comedy and just mash up anime.
- Horny mad scientist
- Masochist, Exhibitionist Student President
- A Tsundere who beats other women and not the MC
- A Chuunibyou Mom
- Maid
- A loli-character wielding a flaming sword (most characters just get a sword)
The Sound is good, the plot could be equivalent to power rangers where it is just monster of the week, and there is fan service coming out by the buckets, it's a harem.
I think I hit most of the points but whatever, take it or leave it, to be honest I had no expectations going into this anime and I was surprised that it is solid and I enjoyed watching the antics of the enemies and the main character.