Dec 25, 2014
Ray_Monster (All reviews)
First thing is that if you haven't seen the Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai x's serie, you can enjoy this OVAS, but surely will not understand much of the things that happen. Second thing, I noticed that people were disgusted with the OVAS because of difference between the original and this one's, but I don't see it like that since this are, again, OVAS, not the remake of the arc or anything else but a great scale ensemble of the Kyoto arc events within another more dramatical point of view and story, that personally love it.
Ok, here I go:

STORY: 8/10
I rate the story as very good because, though it isn't the same as the original story and have some discrepancies, I perceive it as a more dramatic close up than the real story was, and certainly was something I enjoy. The same but with this realistic touch of the end of the bakumatsu tension that everybody may know.

ART: 7/10
I'm not the kind of person who loves the much more simple style of now a days drawings in animation, but can't say I didn't enjoy the sceneries and felt more connected to the time in which the story is supposed to be in. Still, the designs of the characters from my point of view, were awful.

SOUND: 8/10
It's one of the best parts. The background music in this OVAS was simple but in the part when you find a fight, that music guide you through those scenes amazingly.

Ok, they were ok, I mean, the whole thing was extra dramatic and showed us a deeper image of the characters as they wouldn't manifest in the main series and I like it but due to the time, we also lose part of the personalities from all. AND *spoiler alert*, there was something I really really disliked, at the last part Kenshin may leave the Rengoku without even caring about the others, ie Yumi, Soujiro or Saitou nor the tripulants, this also applies to that last blow to Shishio, leaving all the "not to kill, save all the lifes you can" philosophy go down the drain... really not like Himura.

Watching OVAS of a show you thought was lost and remembering all the funny and incredible adventures with that sense of "grown up" made me feel happy. Truly a sea of memories for those who used to watch the cartoon years ago.

Hope this help you a little