Dec 25, 2014
legwkio (All reviews)
Bocchi na Bokura no Rennai Jijou is a nice little gem.

Sure, it's predictable. You can foresee how it would have ended from the synopsis alone but does that really matter?

It's the process of how Bocchi no Bokura came to that conclusion which makes this manga shine. It did not really do anything radical or unbelievable (no aliens, superpowers or over-the-top drama here), it just worked within it's constraints (characters and setting) to craft a very sweet ordinary love story.

What really helped Bocchi na Bokura is that it starred two non-abrasive protagonists, Hajime and Chitose. They were very believable characters. Chitose wasn't cast as some blank-dere character, she was a normal girl. Same with Hajime, he was a normal boy. And in the context of Bocchi na Bokura, they were a very snug fit.

If you're looking for a good, innocent love story, give Bocchi na Bokura no Renai Jijou a try.