Dec 23, 2014
zealith7 (All reviews)
(2017 EDIT: Anime has JoJo references.)
Oreshura is just another harem rom com. It has nothing special about it and it doesn't stand out much at all. Yet it's really likable and you can't find many reasons to hate it. The reason is probably because as plain as it is, it does what it's supposed to do pretty well.

The story was decent (7). It wasn't special but it wasn't boring either. In fact, it didn't have much of a story. It's pretty much about a childhood friend trying to get the protagonist back to her from his kind-of-evil girlfriend, while more harem members join the crew along the way. The different thing about this is the super lighthearted tone. To me this is what basically sets the anime apart from the others of the same genre. Oh, but it could also be because the protagonist ACTUALLY chooses someone in the end.

The art suited the lighthearted tone really well (8). The light colors gave off a watercolor like feel to it and it went well with the character design which together made it really cute, or rather, attractive. There should be more anime with this type of art, and I think it would go well with a lot of romance anime.

The sound/music suited the art and story perfectly (8). Of course it wasn't brilliant or outstanding, but it was fun and very well done -lol- , and the opening and ending were really cute, or rather, attractive. The BGM suited the comedic moments really well too.

The characters got me pleasantly surprised (8). For a generic harem, you can't expect too much out of the characters. You would expect (or I expected) the main character to be an ordinary, plain and boring person who can't make any decisions by himself, has the school idol at his feet every day but still refuses to notice her, who's parents are either dead or somewhere abroad, a non-blood related sister who would happen to have a crush on him, a perverted,wacko best friend who makes the MC look mature and reliable, when he himself has a porn mag stashed somewhere, etc. I could go on and on but that isn't the point I was trying to make, which is that the main character is actually likable. The essence of a harem anime are the harem members, not the leader himself. If the leader was more interesting than the members he would seem like a member himself. This MC is neither almost non-existent nor is he super fancy. He's just a nice guy who isn't overly anything and isn't annoying in the slightest. There is no imouto. There is no wacko friend, but instead a super sweet trap/friend. Yes, his doesn't live with his parents, but there's a story as to why things are like that. And his chuunibyo makes him pretty hilarious too. Most of the other characters are based on regular harem archetypes, but what makes them different is how funny, embarrassing and nice they all seem to be to each other. No two characters are alike, which is another plus point in harems.

The enjoyment is over 9000 for me (even though I'm limited to putting a 10). This was a short and entertaining anime with the least offense I've seen an anime of its genre pull off. I'd recommend it to anyone who's just finished watching Corpse Party or something.

Overall, this anime is one of the neatest of its type and is a fun show for anyone who doesn't hate Harem with their life (9). It's just a quick, fun way to spend some time.

(My first proper review)