Dec 19, 2014
floecity (All reviews)
"If you lose something, just build it again." - direct quote from the main character Futaba.

First off let me just say that the fact that I've read the manga already mildly hinders my ability to separate manga from anime...

The story is pretty well done. Of course it has ALL of the shoujo clique's that many shoujo fans will run into.
There's something about the story though that makes it a little more unique than your typical shoujo anime.
I did not really sense any corny-ness with the more serious moments in the anime as I would typical feel in a shoujo.
What I'm trying to say it that, it felt real.
The situations felt pretty realistic to me & not so unimaginable or silly.

Your basic animation and art style for an Anime.
Of course not all art looks the same but the overall gist of it is your basic anime-shoujo style.
I bumped it up to an 8 because they changed the art to a very oil pastel look for the backgrounds when they would show a flashback. I found that pastel look to be very enjoyable & more interesting than making the flashback fuzzy/blurry.
Bottom line, the Art is cute.

At first the opening/ending/BG music was too cute for me.
You know that point of cute where it's almost obnoxious?
That's how it felt for me...AT FIRST.
But you get to know the characters and story-line more as you watch & you start to notice how WELL the sound really fits the anime.
As serious as it gets sometimes...that's not the theme or message.
It's lighthearted. It's fun.
And the opening is very fitting. The bouncing up & down beat sets up the story because it shows how up & down the characters situations are.

Streaming off from the SOUND comment,
the characters are all just trying to make the best of the situation and the opening represents that really well.

Here's a bit of a warning...
I do not think you will like every part of any one of the characters.
Like books, characters are not always meant to be relatable or liked.
All of the characters CAN be likable IF you accept the side of them that is NOT likable.
That's what the anime is about.
You can have all the unlikable traits you want but if you just (stemming off from what the Anime will eventually show what the characters want...) "open up your heart", you WILL be accepted.
Corny thought? Yes.
But this is the best way I can explain the characters.

Had to give a 7 though because all were very predictable characters.
Nothing new.

I said above that I read the manga. The manga is AMAZING. As with any manga-to-anime adaption, the manga is always best.
A cleaner set-up to situations.
Better understanding of characters. (Although the Anime did throw in some really good quotes/one-liners!)

HOWEVER, I still enjoyed the Anime.
I enjoyed actually watching how the characters move. How they interact. Grow. The funny faces/body language they would make.
Very enjoyable...if you have patience.
If you're tired of that stoic shoujo boy then you shouldn't watch this because I doubt you'd be able to stomach how stoic the boy is at first.

I found the Anime to be well made.
It was a decent adaptation from the manga. Included A LOT of major & key things as well as set it up for....wait for it...
Hint hint to non-manga readers, that person we briefly get introduced to in the end is going to be an important person in the next season.
If it gets renewed for the next season. *fingers crossed*

I'm telling you guys...the things that happen WILL make you keep watching :)