Dec 19, 2014
noretus (All reviews)
Entirely too cutesy wutesy woo. Entirely too predictable. Entirely too annoying. Just what age-group had that been directed to?

When I started watching, I immediately thought that the overly cute and constant chibi-scenes were more awkward than funny. It was like the story was grabbing me from the neck and yelling "it's chibis and they are being cute and funny. NOW LAUGH!". Honestly,

In 12 episodes, there were entirely too many characters and trying to deal with them all just made the anime confusing. Specially when the story-telling jumped back and forth from cutesy wutesy woo chibis to seriousness like... every few minutes. Like the review I read about the series before watching it "once you think the chibis are just a bit too much, it changes into more serious story-telling, and when the angst is starting to become overwhelming, it goes back into the humour-mode" ( or so ). That is really hard to pull off without being annoying. Fruits Basket managed this marvelously, Sukisyo didn't. It was just restless and hard to follow. Not to mention that more than once I was stunned by the sheer stupidity of the characters ( someone might call them plotholes... ). In the end, I felt like whole of that second personality stuff was pretty pointless, among many other things. They hardly supported or had anything to with the main plot.

It did jerk some laughter out of me ( but sometimes it wasn't because of the humor ) but most of the time I felt like banging my head to desk.

The style of the animation... ugh... not only was it overly cute, it was pretty generic, anime gone overly-cute. Almost all the most important characters had weird colored hair and eyes while the background characters were almost always that basic brown-haired and brown-eyed types. I really hate it when for no apparent reason characters have cute blue or pink or what not eyes or hair, specially if they totally stand out from the rest of the group yet no one minds.
Animation itself was basic good. Nothing too incredible but not bad either. At least all the eps looked pretty much the same ( at least I didn't notice any big difference anywhere ).

Sora was fun, but his constant chibi-transformations made him a bit annoying. Also, his stupidity from time to time was nothing out of annoying, rather than cute ( and make no mistake, I often like dumb characters ). His alter-ego Yoru, seemed much more interesting.

Sunao was cute. If you like that kind of cute. I don't. His light-red hair accompanied with such basic "difficult uke" behavior was irritating, and his reasons of angsting and eventually putting up most of the story was ridiculous. I can't find such childishness believable, let alone likable.

I was mostly interested in Nanami's and Shinichirou's relationship in the end. Mostly because I like their voice actors alot, which is probaply pretty shallow but that's really all there was to it.

I liked Matsuri a lot, because... can anyone say Ayame ( Fruits Basket )? Sure you can. He was totally, absolutely like Ayame. Then again, that's also why I didn't like him as much as I could have - originality is nice.

While I'm a complete shounen-ai/yaoi fan, I did find the lack of girls a bit silly. I don't think in whole 12 eps there was a single female character around, not even in the background. It was a total Homotopia and while I sometimes amuse myself with such thoughts, it's really kinda unrealistic. That Valentine's Day ep was a sad... sad thing to see.

Anyway, this was definitely a very disappointing anime and I really can't recommend it for anyone.