Dec 19, 2014
noretus (All reviews)
I didn't know anything about Air Master, nor did I know that it had any sort of reputation. It was just one anime among the many but I got interested in it just because one artist I've been stalking has made nice ( yaoi ) fanart out of it.
So I sought Air Master out and watched it, without having any idea on what I was going to see.

I was surprised to find that the main characters were females and not only that, the yuri/lesbian implications were quite evident ( to the point where they weren't even implications anymore ). I didn't mind at all. And BIG big bonus: the females were NOT annoying, generic, overly cheerful, bug-eyed, cutsey wutesy woo twerps with glittery hair and two out-of-proportion sticks for legs. The characters were exaggerated, but realistic somehow. It was nice and refreshing.

The story itself does leave alot to hope for. It's often the same problem with all anime series: it's friggin' confusing or plain. I immediately got the feeling that once again the makers of the anime trust that the person who sees the anime has read the manga.
In Air Master, it was plain and a bit stupid... plus it the series ended like in the middle of everything. I didn't feel like anything was concluded. So story-wise, it was a bit of a disappointment.
What saves it was the quality of each individual episode. It wasn't a funny anime per se but it was amusing, and impressive. Don't get me wrong: I do NOT like fighting animes generally. I find them utterly boring. But Air Master was beautiful, plus I do find some charm in the Street Fighting romantique ( can you say that? ). Besides Maki herself is really likable character, as Air Master and as Maki, her fighting style is cool.

I understand if someone would diss this anime because of the lacking story, but I'd say one should still give it a chance ( and maybe if one likes it, she could see about the manga? ).

However, if you're the type that likes cute girls doing cute things or high-school boys who sprout wings every now and then, I don't think this anime is for you.

If you're a bit perverted ( to every way ) and find amusement from dirty jokes, yet enjoy a bit of coolness every now and then, Air Master should be well worth a view.