Dec 19, 2014
noretus (All reviews)
It's an old old anime, "classic", and the feeling is like that as well. The reason I was hesitant about bothering with it was because the characters are more than a little bit androgynic and I usually don't like that, plus it came off as this really glittery and over-beautiful, romantic anime-cliché story ( save the fact it was about a boy and a boy, rather than a boy and a girl ). Well, the funny thing is that it kinda was all of those things I said but it was wonderful. Reminded me that anime doesn't always need to be comedic to entertain me.
As soon as I started watching, I was almost immediately entranced by the skillful and detailed animation and drawings ( remember that this is old anime ). Classical music playing on the background suited the feeling really well. Usually, when I watch something alone, I constantly mumble out some remarks about what's happening ( ie. with Weiss Kreuz, every five minutes, I said "angst" ), but this kept my mouth pretty well shut, even while some stuff did strike me a bit lame. The story moves on quickly but at the same time, kinda slowly... erm... hard to explain. The story "stopped" at just the right moments to create a feeling and then moved forward just the right time so that it didn't become boring. Like the parts where the main character is playing a piano... it was very wonderful to watch and I really raise my cap to the animators for actually making it look like the character was playing that song he was playing and not moving his fingers around the keys randomly.

Sure, I could find plenty of things to pick on about the anime but the general feeling in it was so good that little stuff like that is kinda unimportant.

Only bigger thing that bothered me - which is also the reason I would rather talk about this as an animated poem rather than a story - was the fact that the ending was unclear and sudden. I would've liked some kind of epilogue. What happened to Gilbert? It left me perplexed but still the general feeling is good. Of course, this is based on a manga ( which, I believe was based on a novel ) and I supposed the anime kinda relies on the thought that those who see it, have read the manga.
Rather than reading the manga, I'd love to get my hands on the original novel.