Dec 16, 2014
macklez (All reviews)
The magical warfare. Where to begin? Its an epic tale of conflict with shounen ideals and stride. Its an enthralling tale that captivates the hearts of casual watchers like myself. And did it? No.

- Story -
When it comes to having a plot, the anime nails it for having a premise. But is there an actual plot? Not particularly. The first half of the anime is devoted to introducing the protagonists and hinting that Takkeshi might just be a super powerful magician by the end. The second half kept me on the edge of my seat because, well, it was so rushed that even the episodes couldn't tell you the whole plot. The established love triangle was more or less realistic, which I applauded. There were several loopholes in explanations and how things popped up. The random pokemon encounters with enemies was not appreciated. By the last episode all I honestly watched the anime for was some senseless violence, and by then it was 5:00 AM. It was a magical night. All in all, there was a rather poor pacing for an unrefined plot.

- Art -
The art was actually quite good, enough to make me want to see an epic poster disproportionate to the plot itself. Character designs were actually really cool, along with the weapons of some. My qualm was the absolute lack of originality. Sure, the characters were cool. But I would look at other anime for the exact same hairstyle and face.

- Sound -
I gotta say, the music was hella catchy. It had the right vibe to the situation most of the time which I really liked. What else can I say? The folly was pretty standard and there was nothing special in sound effects.

- Character -
Oooh boy. Now for the bad boy. The main character Takkeshi was extremely bland and standard. For a protagonist, I haven't seen an emotionless character like him ever. Aside from the stereotypical crying over lovers and yelling at friends to get to safety, this main character had absolutely no emotion. His quirk was the lack of quirks. I can't even call it natural. Without his powers and role in the plot he might as well join the pile of scrap characters I've imagined for fun. His powers made absolutely no sense by the end, since the story couldn't even be told properly by the episode.

Now for the female protagonist, Mui. What in the world is wrong with her. She supposedly has a brother complex, which is understandable. But her development and dynamic with the other characters ended right there. There was nothing to characterize her other than having a brother complex and has a crush on Takkeshi. In terms of her powers, since this is an action anime, she had no growth either. She introduced the characters with her magic, and she stayed stuck. Then what happens, you may ask. She gets hurt. Rinse and repeat.

- Enjoyment -
Was all that heavy stuff weighing on my head as I watched the anime? Not until the very last episode. So I suppose I had a high enjoyment factor when it comes to brainless plot twists and incoherent violence. Not that we couldn't tell what was happening, rather, we just accept that power-ups never need to scale with what was previously established. Like DBZ right? Buu just needs to revert to his original form to be the strongest even though he ABSORBED strong beings to become STRONGER.

- Overall -
I guess I did enjoy this anime while watching it. But if you're the type to watch something and actually take in the details of what is going on while watching, I wouldn't recommend this anime. I'm one to appreciate the anime while watching but also think about it afterwards. In all honesty, Mahou Sensou could have been VERY different and so much better, but the mesh we have is not what I would consider a polished piece of work.