Dec 13, 2014
ragesugar (All reviews)
I just have to start off to say this anime is fairly mediocre. It could have been I started watching it with too high of expectations but I don't think that was the issue.

Over the course of the twelve episodes there is very little plot or development. The two main characters knew each other from middle school and had mutually liked one another only for Kou (the boy) to suddenly move away after Futaba (the girl) caused an awkward scene after he asked her to go to a festival with him.

When Kou returns and Futaba see him she is attached to the past version of Kou she knew and tried to apply it to the Kou that had been away from her for 3 years. The whole anime is about these two and a "developing romance" but honestly it was entirely one-sided for about 90% of the series.

Kou's hidden niceness makes it appear as though he has affections early on but Futaba's character explains it best when she states that he is just nice though he tries to act as though he doesn't care because he is scared.

If you are looking for a romance anime that has no real romantic closure at the end this would be an anime to watch. I can only hope there is a 2nd season in the works otherwise this is a very boring anime.