Dec 10, 2014
You know, I have a rule in watching anime. It's called a "no drop" rule, wherein I won't drop any anime that I started to watch.

I watched Pupa, and bulldozed through it.
Watched Mars of Destruction, just laughed.
Skelter Heaven? Laughed once again.

I, however, was close to my breaking point here. I almost broke the rule in the frustration of watching anime. But I'm no pussy, oh no I'm not. I tread the most dangerous journey I have faced so far.

Abunai Sisters.

I can't even believe this anime exists. There is no SINGLE redeeming quality about this anime. It didn't make me laugh, oh no it did not. It was so bad, that it deserves a negative rating.
I'm not sure what the writers and producers was on while creating this. What would they think the show would do? Did they think it would be a smash hit?
It definitely smashed my brain.

Abunai Sisters is the greatest example of an anime that should never be followed. What this show presents isn't even fanservice, I don't even know what it is!

If you want to recieve a mental scar, watch this.
Reviewer’s Rating: 1
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