Dec 8, 2014
Hanasanaide (All reviews)
You might already have noticed that Ore Monogatari is not your common shoujo manga, and I would like to give a more detailed review so that more people starts reading this despite the hideous face on the cover. Believe me, this manga is really something!

Ore Monogatari is a shoujo comedy that fits most people's tastes, maybe because it's not like anything else you've read. However, if you're struggling with the idea of a gorilla looking protagonist, you could need some time to consider.
That shouldn't be too much of a bother, though, because Takeo is hilarious. This manga shows that looks really doesn't matter.

Storywise Oregatari focuses on the same thing most shoujo manga do, and that is romance and comedy. Both of them are equally good in this story, and makes it really enjoyable. As the story keeps going, you'll find yourself fall in love with it more than expected.
The drama is the exact kind of drama you'd see in most shoujo manga, however, it's a little special in this manga because of our hero. There will be many misunderstandings, but it's cute and you'll definitely enjoy it!

Takeo makes a great protagonist, being very caring yet easily misunderstood because of his looks. You might think of him as a comedy relief, but he's got lots of good points (and this comes from a girl who adores bishounen). Eventually you will fall in love with him as well, you'll want to encourage him, and comfort him when things go wrong.
However, Takeo is of course not the only reason to read Oregatari, believe it or not!
The heroine, Yamato, is a very sweet and timid girl. You've probably seen her character many times before, but she's got something special to her as well. You'll realize what after you start reading.
Suna, Takeo's best friend, sounds like a real bother when introduced to you, but he's actually a really attractive character. For some reason, he's pretty pulled-back and doesn't show much emotion towards people other than Takeo. However, when you see him laugh together with his friend, you'll fall in love with him too. These three makes a great and refreshing trio.

Other than them, there are other characters like Suna's sister or Yamato's friends who all contributes to the story. Takeo will encounter more people on the way, and in the end, everyone will enjoy his company realizing that he's not as scary as he looks.

The overall art is adorable, you'll see a lot of pretty faces besides the main characters. Oh, haha, and then there's Takeo!
Takeo is drawn pretty roughly, but you'll soon get used to it and learn to love his character. His face is quite amusing, actually. The girls are really cute, and the style fits perfectly for a shoujo manga. There's nothing to complain about, actually. It's great!

I'm enjoying this manga a lot. I started reading it just recently, but it's really fun and you can't help but like it. Take a look at Takeo's face and then start reading it!