Dec 8, 2014
Darkryhr (All reviews)
okay lets make this perfectly clear right away, i don't think trinity seven is bad, not at all, its without a doubt the best harem manga/anime Ive ever seen, its just that its still not that good. i think the problem is with the central premise(this is about harems in general), its possible for more than one girl to like a guy, but for seven of them?! alright even so i guess someone has to be that likable, but for all of them to be okay with him also being with someone else? hell no, and for him to be as boring as harem protagonists usually are?! bull-hell has frozen over-shit. you see the 2 main problem with making/writing a harem anime/manga is that its an essentially unrealistic situation, so the girls cant be too realistic or developed, and since he already has dozens of girls all over him, the protagonist is usually a shy, awkward social reject type, so as not to completely alienate the audience(which lets face it, is men, oh sorry my bad i meant boys/horny teenagers with high tolerance for bullshit). and as such you end up with a show with no likable characters or development or plot.
and now we have trinity seven, a harem that actually tries to have those things...
well lets how that goes...

first of all the plot is nothing too great, its not bad and at least tries to have its own identity creating a world of magic and alchemy that to me at least had some original ideas, however original doesn't necessarily mean 'good', the ideas themselves have some potential and are mentioned frequently but i never reaaally understood how magic worked, nor did i ever feel bothered by that, if i didn't understand its not because it was too difficult, the series just didn't establish it that well and i never felt inclined to go back and read it again, and even though i didn't it didn't seem to mess with the rest of the show too much, you can either take this as a good this or a bad thing, it could either mean that the writer didn't want to bombard us with too many details when we probably weren't gonna pay attention anyway, or that he just established a bunch of stuff and then just forgot, but overall it was okay, it was never too boring and did a pretty good job of making me wanna read the next chapter, while there were more chapters anyway, but now that I'm back to monthly release i realize that a lot of it had to do with something i call 'short burst effect' - when you binge a show and think its great, but then when you're finished and have to wait you realize its flaws.

the characters - now this is the part i feel the readers of this review who already read the manga would disagree(you know who you are, and that's okay i ego-read reviews of shows i already have an opinion on sometimes too) and that's probably because i don't think the main protagonist is that great, hes probably the best harem lead Ive ever seen, but once again, that doesn't mean hes that good. hes good by harem standards but in general I'd say hes pretty generic. the female characters, what about 'em? they have feelings for guy do you really need to know much more? well too bad! I'm joking of course, once again the series tries its best to have more diverse characters and development, but come on, its a harem for fucks sake! even the best development wont be that great cause still all leads to the same thing. there are quite a few of the girls who are more opened about their feelings and it was a breath of fresh air at first, but the ways its conveyed and the characters behavior by the end just came off as repetitive. nonetheless i don't really dislike any of them, I'm either neutral or a bit inclined but no more.

finally the art is nothing too spectacular, it gets the job done, i have some qualms but with art its more a matter of taste so you should probably just Google image search it and see if its your style or not, but if you're lazy than there isn't anything offensive or bad about the art style and i kinda liked it at times.

so let wrap up, kinda generic, some intrigue, some different characters from the usual, some laughs, some action, no drama but you don't really need it, and as a whole - i probably wouldn't recommend it, BUT - if harem is your thing, or you wanna watch at least one, or you can get over the flaws then trinity seven is still by far the best harem i can think of - and i would recommend it.