Dec 6, 2014
Millawls (All reviews)
Well... This is a weird one.

TsunBaka. "Tsun" as in Tsundere and "Baka" as in idiot, is a story about our simple character "Boon" and his childhood freind "Tsun."

Seems simple enough, right? We've all seen this recipe before right? Well prepare to be surprised and confused.

This is NOT a "normal" story by any means. It's hard to understand the story line, it's hard to even understand what the heck is going on! But that's what makes it such a good read.

Our 3 main characters are a lovely bunch. We have our main protagonist "Boon" who is a purposely simple drawn character with a simple goal. To pass his school exam.
Next we have Tsun. A mentally challenged airhead, who has no idea what she is doing from time to time. She can be a bit irritating sometimes, but is, generally speaking, pretty lovely.
Lastly, the only one else worth mentioning is Dokou, the wildcard of the bunch. One moment he is beating up possible rapists, the next moment he is making cyborgs of said rapists.

I'm not even sure what the genre of this was.
It has drama (Tsun trying to overcome her mental disability and Boon trying to complete his exam.)
It has comedy (Dokou fighting a massive fucking cat rapist cyborg.)
It has action (Dokou beating the shit out of possible rapists.)
It is a slice of life (Boon and Tsun shopping, going to school, etc.)
And it has romance (and a quite satisfying ending at that!)

"Why did you even read it in the first place?" I hear you ask. I am a fan of the artist and had a few hours to spare.

Did i like it? Hmmmm mmmmmhh.... Yeah. You know what, yes! I enjoyed it! I didn't understand half of it, but i enjoyed it!

It is a fun and 100% original story that can be finished in under 2 hours.