Dec 6, 2014
MaxXZoe (All reviews)
--This is a review for the first 3 volumes of the novel only--

when everyone in the world wants to kill your little sister, will you be able to be the first one kill her and save the world? or will you save her and turn your back against the world? A dark fantasy story on a modern world setting is what the story 'apocalypse Alice is all about'

--First Hour ---Please learn about the profile of the girl--

Story 8/10- the plot is easy to follow, but what it sets as unique is that multiple settings have been merged together perfection so that the story will not bore you with usual cliche setup.

Second Hour--Lesson on memorizing the structure of the labyrinth made by the girl

Art- 8/10-- the art on the novel and on the manga shows how dark the story is ,and because of this, the enjoyment of finding out what will happen next becomes more enticing.

Third Hour ---Lesson on the girl's weakness

Character 8/10-- the characters here in the story varies on what their purpose are, but i'll review on the MC. our MC not your typical weak, shy protagonist; given in a dark setting, the MC is quick on his feet, have a sense of humor, smart and willing do do anything for his purpose and also not dense. his jokes towards his tsundere are always gives me the laugh

Fourth Hour ---Lesson on selecting the magic to kill the girl

Enjoyement-- 9/10-- i really enjoyed reading this story due how the writing style of the author affects the imagination of those who read the novel. written on the POV of the MC, not many story with the same setting managed to get my attention to write a review with.

Fifth Hour ---Time for forming the teams for raiding the labyrinth made by the girl

Overall-- 8/10

if you like reading dark stories and also like dungeon raid elements on it i suggest you read this story

Now, let's kill the girl and save the world!