Dec 3, 2014
Anchorman77 (All reviews)
This is my first review and I really hope I help anyone looking for insight on this manga. I will portray my own thoughts as a critic and hopefully you agree with and enjoy reading my review.

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari

Story: 8.5
A seinen fantasy manga about a boy who get sucked into a fantasy game-like world full of magic and swordplay. Right from the start I can't say I haven't seen this before in a seinen manga. My first though was " we go again" but there is a lot more to it than that. The story really drives that harshness of society, betrayal, and the importance of relying on someone. I have to say that the turn of events and journey of the main characters deserves at least an 7, the only thing holding it back being unoriginal. I give the story an 8.5 for it really keeps readers engaged and has incredible flow that doesnt skip a beat and makes everything happening quite logical even though the story itself is a fantasy genre.

Art: 8
Here in 2014 I can say the artwork for manga has gone up considerably in the last few years and have the standards. The art in this manga is very clear and well detailed. Did I read the first chapter go " holy F@$% this art is @#$%ing amazing" I didn't. I dont really think you can really give art a 10 because you know...its art..... so ill give it an 8 because thats what it is....."very good", this is not a bad thing it is only because nothing stood out in terms of art so dont take it the wrong way.

Character: 9
Ok, so this category right here is why I like Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari as much as I do. Here's why;
1. The characters themselves are quite unique. Im not talking just about the two main characters you'll automatically fall in love with but some of the side characters are really unique as well. Some are hateful and become compassionate, while some are compassionate and become hateful. There are characters that will make you smile and some that will make you furious. I think that when characters bring out emotions within a reader, you have something quite special.
2. The interactions between the characters is logical, realistic, and touching. The thought process of the characters is logical as nothing the characters do doesn't make sense. The interaction between the two main characters is so good and well though-out it really makes this manga what it is.
The characters make you feel and it's almost as if they are real people. For this reason I give it a 9.

I really enjoyed being played by this author. He starts out generic and just rips up you emotions in a few chapters. It was awesome. Please do yourself a favor and read it. Please

Overall: 8.5
This manga is nothing revolutionary, but it is something special. I really believe this story belongs somewhere between very good and great. This manga is still in progress so hopeful they can bring it above the great line with the upcoming chapters. I can tell you one thing last thing.

If you finish this manga, I guarantee you'll want to read more.