Dec 1, 2014
Darkryhr (All reviews)
Nanatsu no Taizai is one of the more recent manga I’ve read, and i must say, when i first saw the trailer for the anime (which i saw before reading the manga) i was skeptical, it didn’t look too good, something about the faces i think... but after giving the anime a shot i liked it, and then i started reading the manga and i loved it.

The story:
let’s skip the mandatory plot synopsis, and jump right in. the first thing i liked about the plot was the main characters’ situation, how they are considered traitors and are constantly moving forward, it helps keep the pacing up and the story progress since they are always chased by somebody else, but also at the same time they have their own agenda and goals, so it’s not like they’re just being pulled along through the plot but are actively moving it forward. Another thing i like is the setting, its set in a fictional kingdom (though based on a real one) in a medieval period and it has couple of pretty imaginative locations. But the plot isn't perfect, obviously. it suffers from something i don’t think I’ve seen in a while and that’s 'deus machina because i said so' syndrome, sometimes i had no clue why certain things happened and while it does feel a bit contrived it was never a too bad as to make me want to stop and I’ll now explain why: in a different review i mentioned something i called short burst effect - in which you start a new series and you binge read it, and when you can’t binge anymore cause you reached the last chapter and have to wait now, if a series is still good after you've had time to calm down and read something else, is the true mark of a good running manga - and Nanatsu no Taizai is just that. No matter how many plot holes there were i never got mad at it, cause Nanatsu no Taizai doesn’t try to sell itself as anything other than fun, and fun it is. i became immersed is what I’m trying to say, i liked the characters, the fight scenes, the general plot and how it progressed. that’s the main reason i gave it such a high score because despite its fuck ups, if a series can immerse and make you care about it, you can forgive it, it’s like a good friend - they may not be perfect and have their flaws but if you like hanging out with them you forget about that stuff, so to conclude this drawn out section - Nanatsu no Taizai, despite its flaws, became like a good friend for me because it’s fun.

The characters:
The thing i like most about the characters is, and i don’t think I’ve seen this very often, i found something i like about every one of the main cast - the sins and even the plot princess Elizabeth. while the sins are in their own to put this?...ridiculously OP (over-powered if your dense) but despite this they don’t come off as invincible and while each one individually could beat almost any other character one on one, the sins are traitors (duh!) and are bombarded by strong enemies in large numbers and that gives a sense of threat, making the characters a bit more vulnerable and real (as real as they can be for OP badasses). Another thing i really like is the sins...well, sins. Each member of the seven deadly isn’t a representation of their sin, they are merely given a sin based on the nature of their crime. For example, while a character may be the sin of wrath he isn’t some hot-headed spiky haired dipshit, it’s just that the crime he committed he committed out of wrath and may he himself usually be very calm, as one would be if they were as powerful as him. while we haven’t seen all of them yet the series shows the characters history, showing us what their sin is and how it connects to the plot, which i really like, we haven’t seen many of the sins backstory yet, but i found myself caring much more for the characters that did have their backstory told, which is a pretty amazing feat considering how unrealistic this characters are in terms of ability, and sometimes personality. The characters all have great chemistry and just seeing the relationship and dynamics between two characters can be hilarious and also very interesting.

The art:
there’s not much i have to say about the art itself, its pretty good. as i said, when i first saw the characters in the anime pv i didn’t like it too much, but it grew me and then i was able to appreciate it, since although some characters designs aren’t really to my tastes, generally everything is well drawn and professional. the thing i find most likable about the art is just how much fun its feels the artist had drawing it, especially during the fight scenes, which are way over the top, but since they still have a sense of scale and the characters still struggle against strong opponents a lot of the crazy moves or attacks still have impact.

Some more stuff:
this didn’t really fit into any category but i still wanted to say it, the thing that i think i love most about Nanatsu no Taizai is although it’s not trying to be anything more than just fun, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t try at all, i get a sense that the author really cares about his work and that’s what make it really great for me.

So to conclude:
Nanatsu no Taizai is fun, and by not trying to be more than that and making itself really fun it ends up being more than that, and so i wholeheartedly recommend Nanatsu no Taizai.