Dec 26, 2007
InformationGeek (All reviews)
I really enjoy this manga, The Drifting Classroom. Heck, it’s my favorite of all the manga I read. But! That, however, will not affect my review of this series. Even though I like it, I will deliver a totally honest review about it.


We have a lot of disaster manga in the past such as Dragon Head or Eden that deal with the end of the world or a certain place and the characters must find a way to survive the area that they live in. This series is no different and that’s why I don’t give it a 10, but why do I give it a 9? The reason is because the story is constantly changing, new situations that astound us and the characters are always popping up and changing the story and the survival rate for characters from the ground up. It really is an incredible story, but not something we have already seen in the past in this day and time.

I have recently read the ending of the series. Though the ending wrapped up every lose end and had a decent conclusion, I wasn't completely happy with the ending and some other people might not as well. I'll have to edit my review slightly for that.


Now this part really could either kill the manga in some people’s minds or really catch their attention. Do you like girls who are busty and curvy? Do you like guys who are tough and hunky? Do you like attractive art and cuteness in your story? You do? TOUGH LUCK! This story has got zip on any of that stuff! It gets down and gritty providing us with totally unique characters, areas, and monsters that really look different than any other artist out there. There is blood and gore in the story, but most of the body tearing is seen off screen so you don’t see what the person looks like torn apart at the ends, though someone gets a spear thrown into his eye. Ouch!


The characters are cool. You got your hero who is a prankster, a villain who is a delivery man, and plenty of others to fill the void. Don’t get too attach to most characters however, a lot of them have a few misfortune. I had a favorite character who didn’t have a name that I wanted to see make it to the end, but sadly didn’t get that chance. There are some you’ll really hate and some you’ll like. It all depends if you can stand their personality or not.


Do you like disaster type stories? You’ll love this one for sure, even some who don’t! My biology and physical science teachers, grandma, a lot of my friends, and my cousins all like this story and they aren’t fans of manga at all. This story can appeal to a lot of people, trust me. This story is also worth a few rereads even if it ends. There is no filler in it like other mangas so that should up the enjoyment.


This is my comic of all time and after reading it, you’ll see what I mean. As stated before, disaster manga fans will love this, also sci-fi and horror fans will for sure get a kick out of this story. Most other people will dislike this though. Though the ending might not be what everyone has been hoping for, it was still nice.

This series contains blood and gore, strong violence, violence against children, images of suicide (If that bugs anyone), slight nudity (Only one scene out of the entire series so far, but it isn't really bad), and some strong language. If you are touchy about any of that stuff, avoid this series