Nov 27, 2014
RarestProGamer (All reviews)
!!!Warning- This manga can make you go all "awwweeooooiii,blush,tears,laugh,feels" and In case like mine combination of all. Before, I start reviewing I need to say 2 things

1. This is just my opinion,feel free to give your suggestions.
2. I will try my best to ignore the story plot as much as possible, so it won't ruin the fun for you.

Plot- The best romantic manga ever made, trust me when I say this I have read hundreds of shoujo manga, but none has high re-read value compare to this. It may sound Exaggerating, well I guess it is since this manga was my gateway to the manga world and to the romance genre too. Since, then I have read a LOT, I mean really A LOT romance manga, but only found very few that makes my face like this O///////O while reading (Yes, I am a guy I prefer shoujo over Shonen). Anyway, as for the PLOT Synopsis is given, But I will highly recommend to ignore that as it gives off major hint towards what is going on the manga. All I have to say for the story, If you are looking for a loveydovey romance, with no annoying love triangle and where male lead is not your typical handsome shoujo guy, you came to the perfect place.

Characters- As for shorty myself, Koizumi she is the perfect girlfriend you could wish for, who never gives up on you (No, I am not gonna mention my height its embarrassing). As for Ootani some people might find his personality bit annoying, But if you put yourself in his shoes, you might be able to understand him like I did.

Art- Needless to say anything both art and story is done by Nakahara sensei. She has done many other works too like Junjou Drop,Benkyou Shinasai!, Ringo Nikki etc. Its just like asking obvious question when animation is done by famous studios like "Madhouse and Trigger"

Enjoyment- Like I mentioned above, It has HIGH RE-READ VALUE. I have read this manga almost 20 times, It was still on-going, I think when I read it back in 2006.

Note- IF YOU WATCHED THE ANIME FIRST, MAKE SURE TO READ THE MANGA AGAIN, AS FOR ANIME IT SKIPS 3-4 ARCS and goes straight for the ending (Not saying, the anime is bad). Even if you are first time manga reader, Like this manga was for me. I pray and hope this becomes the gateway for you to the manga world.