Nov 25, 2014
MestariYN (All reviews)
Well, I came to this Anime like a "Meeting-by-Chance"! I've never heard of it, I had no idea about what's going on there and so on...

After I finished watching it I must say, I did not waste my time with it! It's got a good visual quality, some nice characters (in my case I liked Ogami and Yuuki most) and nicely choreographed battle scenes.
The balance and the dynamic between Humor, Action and a little bit drama is done wonderfully and keeps the audiences attention, throughout the anime, "upright" ;)

The little problem tough is how this anime has been set out so far. I don't really like the ending. I mean, everything before was done very nicely and I did enjoy it - that's why my expectations grew over the time while I was watching C:B. But the end can be compared to a crash with another car - suddenly, unexpected, fast, ... finish...
They should have done at least 3 to 5 episodes more, just to give us a better end and more screen time for the remaining 3 code breakers.

Anyway, I can recommend it to everyone because I believe it's worth watching ìt!