Nov 24, 2014
Kurihu (All reviews)
This review will be based on the current 26 chapters, and things might change (maybe if it takes a nosedive at some point).

Story: 10/10
Biggest point: The best thing about this manga is how the author delivers the story. The story is so well-written that the emotion and the feeling it gives makes so much impact to the reader. The flashbacks are timed beautifully within the middle of every scene, which gives more emotion to the readers. There's a ton of symbolism in the story, which goes well with the essence of the characters. You'll be put at the edge of your seat.

Art: 7/10
I'm not really impressed with the art, though. It's a little bit inconsistent and scanty at times, but these shortcomings really didn't affect the impact of the manga. Overall, it's okay.

Character: 10/10
You might think that it's quite cliche. MC with a tragic past, along with a childhood friend and an idiotic bestfriend, then here comes the tsundere heroine that changed the MC and stuff--
NO. The characters are definitely not shallow. Actually, they are made pretty well thanks to the flashbacks shown. These characters have actually a lot in mind, and there's a whole lot more inside them than what you see. Every chapter gives more life and emotion to such characters, and you'll be attached to them at some point.

Enjoyment: 10/10
I can't say anything. It's captivating.

Overall: 9.4/10

I have high hopes for this work of art. I'm extending my thanks to the author who took time making this series. I'll be waiting for more.