Nov 22, 2014
Freida5 (All reviews)
"Release serotonin! Overflow Dopamine! Glug Glug Glug! Relaxation Squad Valerian has arrived!"

Sweet Valerian is a bright, cutsey show very reminiscent of powerpuff girls.

The art is adorable with everyone being chibified and the main heroines transforming into super rabbits. The action scenes aren't that complex though. I gave it a high score because I really liked the character designs and the few instances of weirdly drawn characters thrown in. The music matches the show, with appropriately cheerful and upbeat tunes.

The main drawback of the show is that each episode is only three minutes long. The story for a majority of the episodes are "person gets turned into a monster by the stress squad, Valerians defeated it." The characters are pretty one note, even though we get at least one episode dedicated to learning about them. These character's read emotionally flat as well. Their reactions to things seem muted, and the fact that their mouths are so small make their faces hard to read. A good attempt at making a diverse and interesting team, but lack of development hampers it from being great.

Overall, it's an action comedy that delivers on smiles and warm fuzzy feelings. If you have an hour and want to watch a solid kid's shows, then give it a try.