Nov 22, 2014
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This show actually caught me by surprise. I went into it knowing absolutely nothing about it, but needless to say, I was hooked after just two episodes. Who is this girl? Why is she so special? Why is this new transfer student the only one that seems to know she’s even there? A mystery indeed. The show does an amazing job leaving the audience to wonder what’s going to happen next. Each episode’s cliffhanger is gripping. They take things to a whole new level during the second half of the series.

The character design and animation style both are top notch. Clean, sharp, and crisp. Nicely done here by P.A. Works. The opening fits the theme of this series perfectly. I couldn’t ask for anything better. The ending theme is up for debate. I personally didn’t care much for it, but let’s not make that the focus here.

I can’t say a whole lot without spoiling the series, but I will say this: as predictable as you will probably think it is, the ending will throw you for a loop. They even recap for you, showing all of the proof from the previous episodes and it will blow your mind because it’s at that moment that you realize the pieces were all there the whole time. How it all came together at the end was fantastic.

The actual ending itself, however, left a sour taste in my mouth for some reason. Not the solution to the mystery, not how it pieced together, but the aftermath. In other words, the epilogue is what sort of made me rethink a few things. If you do pick up this series and watch it to the end, you may or may not understand what I mean, because it’s hard to explain.

There are some points in the series where the pacing really seems to slow down. The reason I mention this as if to say it’s a problem is mainly because the audience can lose interest when nothing is happening. I found myself dozing off a few times during a couple episodes, and next thing I know, stuff is going down and I totally missed everything leading up to it. Obviously, I had to rewatch those episodes but even fully awake, some parts felt like the longest 23 minutes ever.

If you likes psychological, gore, horror/mystery genre. If you like more serious shows that take themselves seriously, look no further this is what you looking for.