Jul 18, 2009
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Taking place months after their first adventure in the digital world, the kids are all off doing their own thing, but when a viral Digimon is mysteriously hatched within the Internet, everyone available must band together to take it down before Tokyo is blown off the map. With this much more immediate suspense, and an absolutely gorgeous look, Bokura no War Game really stands out as one of the strongest parts of the Digimon franchise.

The story is rather quickly developed, handled, and solved with very little lulls between movement. Though there are only three battle scenes, Taichi and Koushiro are dealing with the effects of the viral Digimon in the real world which keeps them and the audience on their toes while they look for new strategies one after another as they are thwarted at every turn. Though it is quite formulaic in its execution, it certainly isn't boring, and though there are plenty of inconsequential sidestories, they all add something to the immediate action required throughout the movie as parallels.

Everyone's back, though not everyone is part of the main plot. Some contribute through the above-mentioned sidestories while others fight. The characters, already established, stay true to who they were in the series with very few exceeding development. Relationships are remarkable though, as Taichi and Sora seem to have progressed theirs, slight as it is.

Of course, it'd just be another Digimon episode if it weren't for the phenomenal animation. If the style looks familiar, don't be surprised. Directed by Mamoru Hosada, better known for his latter work, Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo, the movie features fluid, detailed animation and a gorgeous metaphorical style for the Internet as it becomes the battlefield for the Digimon against the latest threat. If there is only one reason to give this movie a look, even if you're not a Digimon fan, it's to check out the animation which for its day and age is close to quality bar none.

Performances are all good, and the BGM is rather dignified, so much so it may be surprising to those of us who grew up watching the dub. It's all quite fitting, especially in the climactic sequence where, spoilers aside, it adds something wonderful to it all.

There's a lot to enjoy about the Digimon franchise; the surprisingly mature execution, the partnership between the kids and their Digimon, and more, but this movie stands out in technical quality above all others. Combined with tight and well-paced execution, it's a movie no Digimon fan should miss, and maybe even one for purveyors of quality animation all-around.

Overall, I give Digimon Adventure: Bokura no War Game a 7 out of 10.