Nov 20, 2014
MystikalStylez (All reviews)
Wow man, DMC was fucking crazy. I swear that shit was so funny I almost fucking shit myself during every episode. It also made me want to kill and rape every bitch around me. As for my parents — you know I'm just going to stop right there.

Detroit Metal City is a brief comedic anime that is known for its vulgarity. The language is foul and the jokes are wildly offensive. And that's the show's shtick. If jokes about raping and murdering your own mother offend you — *cough* if you're any kind of sensible person they probably should offend you *cough* — then maybe DMC isn't for you. But if you're willing to travel to the dark side of humor, then welcome to Detroit Metal City, motherfucker.

DMC follows Negishi Souichi, a calm and quiet person who aspires to be a famous musician. His hobbies include sipping tea, listening to smooth pop, and reading magazines about fashion and music. He takes the first steps to achieving his dream when he decides to move to Tokyo. He gets his shot at the big time, but not how he could have ever imagined. He becomes the lead singer/guitarist and frontman of the metal band Detroit Metal City. They are crazy. They are over the top. They are a band that Negishi does not want to be a part of. We never really learn how he was recruited to be the face of this metal band, but that's not all that important. We're here for laughs, not plot. And the laughs are plentiful. Once you learn to step out of your humor's comfort zone you can really start appreciating how funny DMC is.

The story is simple. It explores loss of identity through peer pressure. But beyond that, it's just about DMC's rise to fame and Negishi trying to cover up the fact that he plays the role of a serial killing and raping terrorist from hell all while still saving time to give street performances of his beloved pop.

Perhaps the funniest part of the series is DMC's rabid fans. No matter what Negishi does in his Krauser persona, they perceive it as a godly act from their evil hero. He tries his best to win over the girl of his dreams, but somehow his life as a member of the most offensive band around prevents him from doing so. All we can do is laugh and feel a little sorry for Negishi as he desperately tries to keep everyone around him from knowing who he truly is.

Detroit Metal City is a short series that packs as much hilarity in as possible. From the moment Negishi boards the train to Tokyo and waves goodbye to his beloved mother, his life quickly spirals out of control. Watching him attempt to balance his personal life and his life as a serial rapist/murderer is truly one of the most humorous plots I have ever seen.