Jul 18, 2009
Meioh (All reviews)
Ikusa Otome Suvia is yet another promising hentai to be released from Pixy studios, first episode launched in December 2007. A lot of the things I've said in my review for Shoukokijo Iris (released in November from Pixy), can apply here as well. On the outside, when I saw the preview pictures before this one released, it looked a little too good for it's own good, it showed a lot of promise and potential. Did it live up to it? Somewhat, but in the end this one kind of left a dry taste in my mouth leaving me begging for more.

When I saw the preview pictures up on Pixy-Soft's site, I was in the belief this hentai would be pretty damn extreme and hardcore. It has ogres that are like twice the size of the ones we've seen in other monster based hentai like Ikusa Otome Valkyrie, Inda No Himekishi Janne, yet when it came to the sex here, it was just a bit tame. The giant blue ogre does have a playful captive girl with him but they don't get too wild up or anything, the movements and actions between them sexually is "static" you could say, it's pretty generic. The tentacle scene was quite a letdown, there really wasn't any penetration and it was just kind of boring. The final scene gives us just a normal evil human villian and the main heroine. All in all the monster theme is definitely there and it's going to be a turn off to the softer hentai fans, but I was really hoping this one would go a little beyond and break some rules. It's not as good as Ikusa Otome Valkyrie or Inda No Himekishi Janne when it comes to the monster/girl sex. The preview pictures made it look like it could match up to Himekishi Lilia in terms of "extremeness", but that's not the case so far after watching it.

But really, just like Iris, this is the first episode of what could turn out to be an excellent series. Even though I have a lot of complaints and was letdown a little bit here, it's still pretty solid. The art and animation for one is probably the best Pixy has done since Himekishi Lilia (not sure if Asagi counts, since the style is in a realm of its own). The tone is a bit darker than typical hentai and the character detail is very impressive. Both the main female characters look marvelous.

As for the storyline, again if you're like me and a hardcore fan for Pixy titles, you're probably not too interested in one. This is again kind of a cookie-cutter simple plot. There's actually a really cool fight between the two female Valkyrie's at the beginning and from there, the next thing you know they're captive at the monsters castle or something. Just like all Pixy titles, it's hard to say since they aren't licensed nor translated, but there's really not much to make you think here.

When it comes to the game from Black-Lilith which this anime adaptation is based off of, it's absolutely one of my favorite Lilith products. The HCG is truly something to see if you're a fan of hentai CG's and whatnot, the quality is incredible and well, I really hope we end up seeing some of that quaility come into play here with the h-anime. In the end, I still give this a thumbs up, but I think Pixy could do a little better with the next episodes. Still, recommended to those who enjoy the darker side of hentai with the monster/fantasy themes.