Jul 18, 2009
Meioh (All reviews)
Rei and Fuko

If you've read my reviews for other Pixy titles like Iris, Suvia, and Himekishi Lilia, I'm sure it's pretty obvious I'm a big fan of their works. They've only been around releasing hentai anime since 2006, but I believe they have a really promising road ahead of them, always sticking to some genre's and themes that may throw some people off. This, I like. However, despite having a good focus on tentacles here, Rei and Fuko is one of the most disappointing titles to come from Pixy, one that I probably won't be revisisting that often. Mature reading required here, as I'll be a little graphic here since my major complaints are with the sexual content.

I again with most of Pixy's releases can't comment much on the storyline at hand here, since I'm not familar with the Japanese language and this is unlicensed, thus untranslated. But again, we have a similar hentai case here where overall, there's just not a lot of stuff here to make you think. It's basically about the sex.

Now Rei and Fuko is just, downright weird. The tentacles are weird, people joke about the odd look and color of the semen here, the animation and character proportions is inconsistent and weird, it's all kind of a mess and doesn't feel totally complete. The final episode for this series released this month as I'm writing this, Feb. 2008. It was disappointing to see this series get another episode when episode 3 seemed to finish it off, when other better Pixy titles remain in the dark making a lot of us wonder if we'll get a follow up to Himekishi Lilia and whatnot. Many fans agree.

A lot of people were disappointed with where this series went. The Black-Lilith hentai game that this is based off of has a lot of multiple endings, just like all of Lilith's titles. When it comes to h-anime however, you can't really give us multiple endings so Pixy had to choose one. From what I've heard from many fans of the game, people were disappointed with the direction this series took. It's a good, typical, and nice ending that we've all seen before. And the quality that was in the game just isn't here with the h-anime.

Getting to the sexual content here, it's pretty extreme. I like my hentai extreme, but there's just something about the content here with Rei and Fuko that isn't very satisfying. The tentacles in this are the style I don't like, they aren't big organic tentacles or mechanical ones, they're those weird bubbley/bumpy ones that don't do much, if that makes sense. A lot of the times here they don't even penetrate the girls or anything, they're just sitting there, looking weird and bubbley. There is a scene in episode 4 that had a lot of promise, huge tentacles come out of this room but once they penetrate these two girls, there's blood everywhere, this was a pretty big turn off for me. Another annoying factor here is that some of the minor female characters are much sexier than the main ones, in my opinion. Take the pink haired girl for example, I would've loved to have seen more of her. Also, like I said above people joke about the look of the semen in this series, it doesn't look right at all. The two biggest fetishes here though have to be the egg laying and pregnant stuff though, in pretty much every episode. I'm not a fan of these kinds of things but if you are, you could probably add a point or two to my scoring here.

The artwork for this series is a little too good, like the covers and whatnot. But when you actually watch it, it's not that great. Even as a huge tentacle hentai fan I can't really recommend this hentai, but if you've got a thing for egg laying and pregnant girls with weird experimentations and whatnot, you may enjoy it more than I did. If you like Pixy's other works, it's worth checking out to see for yourself.