Nov 16, 2014
xxXKittyXxx (All reviews)
Story: 7
I really thought this manga was just a silly romance manga with little to no story that I would just read in order to pass time. Well honestly the story is actually pretty cool and unique. The supernatural aspect mixed with romance was well structured and captivating. Yes, it tends to be very sexual and kinda throws the topic of rape in their a lot, but they mix it in the story where it doesn't seem forced (plus if there's a guy and a girl in love, their most likely going to have sex and make out a lot and not just a few times like in other romance manga). If the story was more of a shounen and built on more, it really would have been very engrossing even more so and more mature (mature not only in the sense of sex and stuff).

Art: 9
The art was really nice and the artist rarely or ever got lazy in chapters. It was vibrant and detailed enough sort of like a shoujo and shounen manga's art put together if you know what I mean.

Character: 8
I loved pretty much all of the characters in this manga, especially the main characters. Well the female protagonist, Misao, was very annoying and whinny and cried way to much, but she redeemed herself in many ways and its actually hard to completely hate her, because she's like a lovable puppy (kinda like Nana Komatsu). All the important characters were built on well and all had their own background stories shown (even if it was just briefly). Every character in this series has their own funny and/or honorable trait to them that it just makes it to hard to despise them.

Enjoyment: 10
I do have complaints about this manga, but I really enjoyed it. It was a fun read that had quite unexpected plot twist that keeps you on edge. It's a manga I'm truly glad I read and has a special place on my future manga bookshelf.