Nov 14, 2014
Lydiia (All reviews)
Kuroko no Basket Season 2 continued right where Season 1 left off, and in fact, the entire story got even better. The basketball matches became even more exciting with the addition of "the zone" and there was more basketball action instead of character development/chatting. But there were even more characters to enjoy watching. Kuroko no Basket Season 2 was all in all so much fun!


Story: After the Seirin's crushing loss to Tōō in the interhigh tournament, the players are training harder than ever to compete in the Winter Cup Tournament. With Kiyoshi retiring after the winter cup due to injury reasons, and Kuroko and Kagami's final chance to prove themselves over the Generation of Miracle players/teams, the stakes are higher than ever before. Is willpower and teamwork enough to overcome the obstacles that await Seirin high at the Winter Cup? The only word to describe the entire plot is: EXCITING. The first season incorporated school-life, off the court-life and practice alongside the basketball matches, but the second season focuses primarily (almost solely) on the basketball matches. The basketball matches are more exciting and epic than ever before! I was jumping around, laughing, smiling, cheering and even crying (at the end) while watching all the stuff that goes down before/during/after each match.

Art: Wow, was it just me or did the art get even better than season 1? The "Zone" in which only 3 players have been revealed can get into allows the player to exceed the limit of energy that a person's body can exercise and go crazy was a nice addition to the games, but also the artwork portrayal of it. It looked like electricity in their eyes, that was really cool to see! The basketball games were portrayed wondrously, perfection.

Sound: I actually loved, like LOVED both openings and the ending for Kuroko no Basket's 2nd season. They added more music in during the basketball matches that certainly added more tension and excitement to each game. When the teammates on the bench shouted, "Defense, Defense" the entire game felt so realistic, even when obviously the stuff that happens on the court is so unrealistic. The sound in the anime goes *Swish*

Character: More characters are introduced in Season 2, for example Tatsuya Himuro, Kagami's "brother" figure, and Atsushi Murasakibara, the center of the Generation of Miracles. There's even more character development, such as Kagami/Himuro's past, , Aomine's true character, and Kuroko's tweek in game-style (he learns something new that's amazing!). There were additions of more strong female characters who added comedy relief and tension to the entire story. Just like Season 1, Season 2 succeeds in creating highly enjoyable and likable characters. Oh and Akashi finally shows up, yay!

Enjoyment: My enjoyment level in watching an anime or sport has never been so high. When Kagami was facing Aomine and Murasakibara in the Zone, it had to be one of the most exiting moments I've ever seen in anime. I was literally jumping around screaming "GUUOOOO KAGAMI!!" "BLOOCK HIMM AOMINE!!". And Kuroko... I loved him! I love all the characters, I love the story, I'm starting to love basketball, and I LOVE KUROKO NO BASKETBALL. ♥♥♥!!!