Nov 14, 2014
Lydiia (All reviews)
Finally having finished Kuroko no Basket (KnB) upon my friends constant praise for the anime, I figured I'd write my thoughts on it. I've seen lots of people who really love KnB, and others who dislike it. Having watched KnB right after watching some boring anime, it was a refreshing and exciting show for me.

Story: Kuroko no Basket has the typical sports anime storyline with a little addition side fun. The main character is physically weaker and "unskilled" compared to other players, but he utilizes his personal strengths to help his [highschool] team win. The main character's team starts out weak, but through hardship, practice, and teamwork, they try to prevail in the end. What is the side story fun though? It's the addition of "The Generation of Miracles", Kuroko's middleschool teammates. They are basketball prodigies, Seijūrō Akashi (Point Guard, Mysterious Captain), Shintarō Midorima (Shooting Guard, Never misses a 3), Ryōta Kise (Small Forward, Hot! All Around Copy-Cat), Aomine Daiki (Power Forward, Ace Scorer), and Atsushi Murasakibara (Center, Defensive Monster). Each one of them are now in different high schools, and they are competing in the Spring tournament to see which one of them is truly the best. And of course, Kuroko gets a new teammate who the story really revolves around, despite it being called "KUROKO no Basket", Kagami. Kagami is that ace player that has so much potential, potential to perhaps surpass the Generation of Miracle players. And so, the exciting basketball journey begins.

Art: I don't really know what makes some art better than other art in anime, but I really loved the artwork and portrayal of the players playing basketball. It looked amazing! And the different color hairs according to their names for the Generation of Miracle players was funny.

Sound: The first opening was great, and the second opening was oookkkaayy. The overall soundtrack of the anime wasn't all that special. There wasn't that much music to begin with though. The voice casting was pretty good.

Character: Best part of the anime. I loved every single character. Every single one. I was rooting for all the teams (except for the nobodies ^^). There weren't that many female characters, only 2 memorable ones, but they were put to good use. Both girls was strong, smart, and were coaches (ast-coach) for their teams. Kuroko is absolutely kawaii, and Kagami was exciting to watch. The Generation of Miracle players were the best part of the anime, loved their addition! The development of the Seirin team (Kuroko and Kagami's team) was masterfully handled. Nothing for me to criticize. I can't wait for more in Season 2 and the upcoming Season 3!!

Enjoyment: Although the beginning started out slowly, and I questioned whether I was going to finish it all the way, the story quickly picked up it's pacing after like 5 episodes and I had a blast. The basketball matches were really fun and nerve-wrecking to watch, the characters were not only unique, but they were all really funny. That's another thing I loved about KnB; the addition of comedy and off the court scenes while giving the viewers great basketball games. One of the most purely enjoyable anime I've ever seen, definitely recommend others to watch it, especially if you love sports!