Nov 14, 2014
LostPerson (All reviews)
Well...Hmmm.. Tokyo godfather. What can I say?

directed by the famous Satoshi Kon who created perfect blue and paranoia agent which is a psychological anime full of gore and mind fuck. presents a heartwarming anime movie with a Christmas theme.

It's great! :D and what I can say is, this is the first time that I saw an anime nailed what Christmas is all about.only 1% of the people of japan are Christians and when you ask them why do they celebrate Christmas most of them is gonna tell you that it's a holiday for lovers and you need to celebrate it with a bucket of chicken. and we can see that clearly if you already watched an anime called Amagami SS.

some anime including Hayate no Gotoku and the new Denki no Honya-san has some episodes that clearly tells us how the Japanese celebrates Christmas. and there are few anime that explains what Christmas is. like Maria Holic and Kiniro Mosaic. but, the difference with this show to Tokyo Godfather is that Tokyo Godfather catches the spirit of Christmas and some subliminal messages that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ. it's like watching a Christmas carol and other popular Christmas themed movie but the difference is that this is made in japan and it's an anime, which is really rare for me.

Story and Character:

To start with what really Tokyo Godfather is, it's a simple Christmas story about three homeless person finding a baby in a pile of trash and now they're on a mission to bring back the baby to it's mother. first we got Gin a former bicyclist now a homeless person turned drunkard. we got Hana who is a member of the 3rd sex. and last but not the least we got Miyuki a high-school girl who ran away from home.

Well that's it. that's the whole story of Tokyo Godfather.
yes. it's really quite simple but what makes the story interesting is the characters itself and how they act and communicate with each other.
the story is really well made and the plot is really smooth. the show is funny,sad and heartwarming and will give you that feeling of joy that will fill up that void that is in your heart.

for me Tokyo Godfather is a great anime to watch this Christmas and enjoy with some friends or family. and I assure you it will make you laugh at the same time your heart will feel warm.