Nov 14, 2014
HentaiOujisamaV (All reviews)
Are you into rape? Do you want to watch non stop gang bang rape creampie anal orgy fest for 30 minutes straight? Then sit back, get your lube ready as you watch some sick shit. I am the hentai oujisama and I'll be reviewing Rin Sen Ran Sem Cross Mix. Let's get started.

This is a sequel to Rin Sen and Ran Sem so expect spoilers from the prequel shows. This is a 2 episode Hentai and each episode focuses on the aftermath of Rin Sen and Ran Sem. Episode 1 starts off with the main character getting raped. If you don't like rape or gangbangs then don't watch it. This is all that's in this show. We see the main character from Rin Sen back to star in episode 1. Urara is now having sex everyday multiple times a day. She goes on about how many times people have cummed inside her, on her face and in her mouth. After that the principle tells her that her fiance is in some cult called Believes Labo. It's some cult where to be cleansed you must have sex to demolish the demons within you. The plot is very thin, it's just a simple premiss to set up multiple sex scenes all the time.

Episode 2 is where shit gets darker. As time goes on this hentai series just gets depressing. Once you know the story you really start to feel bad for all the female characters in this show.There is also a scene that involves a dirty brush used to clean toilets thats pretty fucked up.

Our character cast hasn't changed at all. All the girls from the previous shows make a come back and there is just one massive orgy scene at the end of the show involving all the girls. They are the exact same as the time last. Urara gets raped and wants to see her fiance even though they told her he is cheating on her. Riko and Anna from Ran Sem who are all for the cult now. The minor girls come back too but get no character development, Kaho the student girl is there to have sex and Asuka and other female teacher is now getting the same treatment as Urara. The principle is back and is as perverted as ever, making weird comments and acting crazy.

The sex in this show hasn't changed at all. It's still rapey and covered in cum. Except as the episode goes on it gets slightly worse. They just seem to be pushing the extreme sex a little at a time. I was still able to finish it but others might not be able to. There is anal, double penetration, creampie, girl on girl action, blow jobs gang bangs, mostly things from the prequels. The toilet brush scene is pretty messed up and I'll be scared for a while.

The art style is still good. Characters look good and the animation is smooth, but only during the sex scenes. I have no problem with this at all. If a company is low on money and need to cut somewhere I would gladly sacrific animation dialog for good animated sex scenes. There is plently of it, just non stop action all 30 minutes of it. The sound is getting better. I enjoyed the sound track to this show more. The dark tone fits with the anime. When shit hits the fan so does the music. It just felt like they was a lot more effort in the music instead of generic stuff.

Personal Enjoyment:
I enjoyed this a lot. I can't say I enjoyed everything because rape isn't my thing but besides that I have to say its really good. The story line is perfect to set up a hentai. Girl goes to sex cult and has sex, very basic but good enough that I don't question it.

Final Verdict:
This hentai is balls to the wall crazy and I will be happy to wait for the second part if they ever make one. I give Rin Sen Ran Sem a 8/10. It is really that good. If everything you heard sounds like your cup of tea, then by all means go out and get it. If this turns you on then I recommend the prequels Rin Sen and Ran Sem, but if you have already seen those, which you should have. Then I recommend Wanna: Hakudaku Mamire No Houkago. Similar story as both take place in a school where the male students rape everyone. Lot's of gang bangs and DPs. As always I am the Hentai Oujisama and thank you for watching.