Nov 14, 2014
HentaiOujisamaV (All reviews)
Imagine you wake up in a room with 6 other women. You have no memory of how you got there and what happened before you were there. A voice tells you that you are the key and the other women are the keyholes. To open the doors and escape you must perform hardcore sexual acts on the women. When completed you will be one step closer to escaping from this place. Is this place a nightmare or a dream come true? I am the Hentai Oujisama and today I will be review the hentai anime called Euphoria.

The hentai starts off with a girl getting electicuted to death, i know right so erotic, because she didn't want to play this game. So if anyone refuses to get raped violently your only other choice is death. So now we are instantly down to 5 girls. There are 2 short younger girls, 1 S/M girl, a smart thinking girl and the teacher. But really, the cast of girls is only limited to 3 as the teacher and one of the young girls never have sex in all 3 episodes. Episode 1 is mostly just the S/M girl, episode 2 is one of the young girls and then episode 3 is the smart thinking girl as she tries to analyze everything and figure a way out. Think of this show like Saw except instead of people chopping off their own arms, they have to violently have sex with girls.

The characters are all pretty stock, I really have no good way to describe the girls except for how they look and act. There is almost 0 character development. I called 2 of the characters young girls because they are not exactly loli type characters. They mostly spend their time whinning and crying about getting raped but the one girl that does get raped enjoys it after the first time so of all of episode 2, they gladly go into the room and have violent sex. Probably the most interesting girl is the S/M girl, as she is always talking and teasing the main character. She seems to be the only one perfectly fine with this scenerio from the start. She is the most interesting character in this show. Lastly we have quiet none talkative girl. She really doesn't say much besides telling people to stop whinning and just goes along with it. In the last episode she tells the main character that he can pick her to violently have sex with. Then her character slightly starts to develop

The sex in this anime is extremely graphic and violent. This is a hardcore fetish anime so if you are not into violent sex, then i recommend you to stay away from it. There is a lot of creampie, only 1 anal sex scene if i recall correctly, and a bunch of bondage scenes. The room provides them with certain toys and equipment so we can get our kinky bondage sex. There is also one scat scene which doesn't last very long, he he get it?, but its still weird if you are not into that sort of thing. There is also blood because every girl here is a virgin. There is one scene with vibrators being used in a pretty unusual way. There is a blowjob scene but overall, most of it is vaginal hard sex.

The art is good for the most part. When characters are standing around, the animation quality does go down as characters stand still staring into the distance as the camera panes over them. But the animation shines during the sex scenes which is the most important part. The background is pretty bland as scenes mostly takes place in a white room.

The sound track is ok, there is nothing that stands out. The music isn't distracting in any way so I think the soundtrack does its job. It provides background music for the sex scenes and doesnt distract the viewer from enjoying the scenes.

Personal Enjoyment:
I can't say I enjoyed this a lot, I am not a fan of hardcore sex. I don't mind some bondage or anal sex but the blood and scat in this anime made me feel bad and sick. The character cast is very limited and the premise is pretty interesting. I also liked the character design for the most part. The only aspect I wasn't a fan of was the fetish in this show.

Final Verdict:
If you are into hardcore sex, then this is the anime for you. The story could be really interesting but it was never developed and it is only a set up for the sex scenes which is fine. But I am not a fan of hardcore bondage sex. There are only 3 girls that have sex, one for each episode and they are all extreme hardcore sex. If you like this sort of thing, then this is the show for you. I am going to give Euphoria a 7/10. It is a good show for hardcore fans but I did not enjoy all of it. There was also a problem with the ending. There is no real conclusion but there is a VN for this game if you are curious and want to play it out or if you want to see the other characters have sex. If you did enjoy Euphoria I would recommend Yabai! Fukushuu Yami Site for more bondage and rape stuff or Rin Sen/Ran Sem which has a lot of hardcore sex and mistreatment of women. As always I am the Hentai Oujisama and I'll see you all next time.