Nov 12, 2014
maddynamite (All reviews)
As a fan of Steins;Gate, I decided to watch these shorts. Before you watch these shorts, there are a few things to keep in mind. These shorts are advertisements, meant to show people how IBM's "cognitive computing" initiative might enhance people's lives in the future. The 4 shorts use the Steins;Gate characters and universe to show different scenarios and how the "cognitive computing" (represented by an Oopa with a cutesy voice) help solve problems.

If you can get past the fact that these are advertisements, and you are a fan of S;G, there are some very enjoyable moments and interactions in the approximately 12 minutes of animation. The art and sounds are almost identical to the series, with White Fox at the helm, and many of the same voice actors reprising their role. The 4 shorts are described below:

1. "Cooking" - Kurisu and Mayuri want to make fried chicken, and Okabe and Daru are hesitant to let the girls cook. The girls state that with the help of Oopa, they can do it! However, they don't have the ingredients for fried chicken, so Oopa helps them make something else.

2. "Navigation" - Okabe and Kurisu have an argument in the park, and each ask Oopa to navigate them back to the lab, without bumping into the other. As they walk and take trains, they think about the other and how silly the argument must have been. Their paths take them to shops, and they see something the other might like.

3. "Fashion" - Mr. Braun's daughter, Nae, complains that Okabe and Daru never change their clothes, and are "yucky". They enlist Kurisu to help give them new wardrobes. With Oopa's help, Kurisu sees projections of Daru and Okabe in clothing that matches their hobbies and personality.

4. "Meeting" - The lab members are told that due to the noise, they are being evicted. They ask Oopa to help them find a new lab. Everyone requests some "must-haves" for the new space, but Okabe is reluctant to leave their current lab. Oopa's suggestion for a new lab space surprises everyone.

Each short has moments of comedy and some light emotional drama. The Navigation and Fashion shorts have some great character interaction with Okabe and Kurisu. If you are a fan of their pairing, definitely watch those two!

Overall, these shorts are recommended to anyone who enjoyed S;G and (like me) always wants more!

TL;DR 5 words/phrases to describe these shorts:

funny, cute, heartwarming, fun, Steins;Gate!