Nov 12, 2014
Kryner (All reviews)
Now before reading this series, i was skeptic.At first i thought it was your regular summoned MC with overpowered abilities and destined to save the world. And seeing how the MC gets Shield makes me think that his shield might contain some overpowered abilities,but i was wrong, it caught me off guard and the way the personality of the main character did a 180 completely surprise me

Story: 9/10
As i have thought i was completely caught of guard by the series and how the story takes another route.You thought this is gonna be another overpowered MC? nope you are wrong the MC is completely powerless without companions and how the story made the three other heroes look like they took a class for Assholelogy is astonishing.

I really like how the art style looks and how it captures the emotions of each characters and how you can feel their emotions through it

Naofumi is a completely new MC in my eyes, first i thought that innocent smile look of Naofumi before he got betrayed was a surprise to me, his character can make me relate on how would react in his situation.You can say that he is a character force to fight, and he may look scary and bad,only because he is tainted, but inside he is a kind guy.

The other Heroes are the ones you really wanna beat up, the way they are portrayed is great, you can almost feel the hatred and the other characters like the King and The Princess is just awful to look at because of their actions.

Enjoyment 10/10
Really enjoying how this manga is turning up and would be glad to see more