Nov 11, 2014
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I know there is many other people here on this site that have reviewed this Manga before, but i felt that i wanted to give my says about it since it now have ended.

For 3 years ago, i didn't like Naruto at all because it was so popular and so mainstream at that time. Other reasons is bacause i was afraid of going away from my other interestes in favor for Naruto. Oh man, i was wrong xD.

One day, i was sick and pretty bored, so i decided to watch an Episode of Naruto. I was pretty neutral there. Afterwards i read af few chapters of the Manga, and it got more interesting. Then i saw the battle between Naruto VS Kyubi, and that's the true beggining of my Naruto-hype xD.

Now for the Review itself.

Story - 9/10
The story builted up on a slow pace just as many other manga, but the part 2 aka Shippuden is clearly my favorite part of Naruto. All the battles, the wars and especially when the Akatsuki appears where they are after the Tailed Beasts so they could reach their goal is definitely one of my favorite part of Naruto. My top favorite part is where Madara and Hashirama meets Again, especially when Madara shouts "HASHIRAMA" like an little fangirl. I felt of my couch laughting like an insane XD.
Overall, the manga ended pretty good in my opinion, there is few things to come after that.

Art - 10/10
I think the art is amazing. I didn't really looked deeper to the quality of the artwork since i'm more into the story. But still, i like the artwork.

Characters - 10/10
There are really, really many characters introduced in Naruto, but there are some that are my top favorites.

Madara - His backstory is what is the most interesting thing about him, but i do also like his personality. He i also always first for battle xD. Madara is especially epic where he eradicates the Shinobi Allies wíth meteors and takes them out like bugs, while keeping his Poker Face xD.

Minato - His personality and his kindness to people is where he gets my thumps up. I do also like his way of fighting. Also the fact that he created the Rasengan is the reason he is one of my favorite characters from Naruto.

Tobirama - Like Madara, his backstory is what i like about him, and also because he is the man behind Rebirth Nun Jutsu. He's also a big racist against the Uchihas for many reasons, because of the first war for example.

Enjoyment - 9/10
I did enjoy Naruto from start to finish. It was a great journey xD.

Overall - 10/10
I can say i will read Naruto again some time in the future. I can definitly recommend it to anyone interested in a long manga.