Nov 11, 2014
BigBangParty (All reviews)
It's been years since the last real gundam serie. Even if I personally appreciate Gundam Build Fighters, it's good to see real Gundams in real fight situations. But it's a long wayè to the top if you wanna be a good Gundam serie.

The art is marvelous, it's the main reason I started the show. It manage to get both old and new artistic aspect of the Gundam franchise into one design, making it really unique and absolutely gorgeous !

BVut beyond that, well, it's pretty useless as for now. The story isn't really built yet so I can't really judge on that, but what we know isn't really appealing. Apparently, the characters here love to flip side, fight against their allies, and they didn't learn how to keep a prisoner, giving them full access to Mobile Suit and weapons.
It's only the beginning of the show, so maybe the characters will get a better background and some more interesting motivations, because we have a lot of trouble to like them as they do nothing.

The music is good, it reminds me of the old Gundam soundtrack.
And I think it's the idea behind this project, use the past of Gundam to build a new story with modern technology of animation. Which was expected from a 35-years anniversary show.