Nov 10, 2014
Fanboy-kun (All reviews)
Ah, Fullmetal Alchemist, what an amazing ride through the world of alchemy, I'm not surprised at all it is #1 on MAL, since it also is, and probably will be, at least for a long time, #1 on my list.
If you're reading you probably came here looking to see if you should watch this anime or if my opinion is the same as yours, and please do not forget what this is, MY review.

Let us start with the best: The story - 10/10
Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood's plot is the most incredible thing I have seen in an anime, seriously, If i could, I would go and meet Hiromu Arakawa and thank her for having an amazing imagination and ability to create and draw this masterpiece. You may be thinking "Another fanboy, better find a real review", and well, maybe you're right, but I have to praise what deserves to be praised, and this certaninly does.
Sure you can say the first episodes were a bit rushed, but wouldn't people still complain if they had slowed it down instead? For me the pacing of the story felt natural and that they did not need to waste the beginning of the series explaining the story since it is slowly explained as the anime progresses.

The Art - 10/10
Sometimes an anime can feel a little off when the art style does not please our eyes, even though the story is actually good, but this is definitely not the case. The art style is really enjoyable and I just loved those round faces!
The fight scene, don't even get me started! The animation is gorgeous and Bones sure knows how to deliver well-animated fights with amazing angles and details that really make the watcher enjoy what the're watching.

The Sound - 10/10
I can tell you this: I have every opening on my cellphone and I regularly listen to the ending songs and background music when I feel like listening to those serene and beautiful soundtracks or the epic songs from the several fight scenes. The voice actors did an amazing job with every single character, and even though I did not watch the dubbed version, I did watch a couple of bits on youtube, and it sounded pretty well too. I don't think there's much else to say here, top notch as always.

The characters - 10/10
The second best thing about Fullmetal Alchemist is it's characters. Every single character has a completely different personality and exceptional development, each one having their different reasons to act the way they do.
Even the villains are awesome, with their dark stories and troubled personalities that make our heros' journey be long and troublesome. It also has the best main villain of all time from any anime I've seen so far, that's a +1 right there.

Enjoyment - In case it's not obvious by now, 10/10
I enjoyed every single episode from this amazing series which left me sitting on the edge of my seat with all the plot-twists and cliffhangers that followed the previous one, that with the awesome animation quality by Bones, beautiful soundtracks and lots of relatable characters with funny, troubled, brave and heartwarming personalities.

Overall - 10/10
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood was an amazing experience that managed to surpass it's other version's "awesomness" and show us what anime truly is about, and that's how it managed to reach my #1 spot, truly a masterpiece that won't be forgotten anytime soon, at least by me it won't. :)