Nov 9, 2014
rewdalf (All reviews)
1. It's been done well despite being a single OVA. Sometimes some scenes looks better than the first season anime.
2. The match animation is equivalent to a "big match" done in the first season of the anime. Gotta love the exaggerated wind effects and high speed punches. That Kimura vs. Miyata fight scene is really satisfying.

1. The OVA gave the side characters (Kimura and Aoki) focuses on development that otherwise couldn't been done in the main anime as it usually focuses on Ippo, his rivals, Takamura, etc.
2. Takamura and his bullying antics has been a good source of humor for the series.
3. A little background story for Kimura.
4. Besides that nothing really special.

So if you've enjoyed all the good things in the first season you should definitely give this OVA a go.