Nov 8, 2014
CecaniahCorabele (All reviews)
Sometimes you don't need a romance filled with actions everywhere, and also, sometimes you don't need a serious dramatic romance. You just need a simple, but profound love to found the perfect beauty of romance.

The main idea is so simple, it's about love that appears and blooms between teenagers, a various film that used this plot pattern suffer failure in their ranks, but Tamako Love Story able to bring all of its potentials to the big screen in one piece. We have to notes, that it's prequel (or should i say Tamako Market) is a blank comedy series, filled with fat bird with no sense of direction.Tamako Love Story successfully covered the mistakes that it's prequel made.

Kyoto Animation brings us the old tradition of their art. A sweet, clear, and neat art. It is a good art indeed. The sound settings maybe not the best that exist, but it have a nostalgic& well-matched sound settings within the series.

Tamako Love Story have a great development, All pieces that scattered in its prequel, is connected creating strong bonds between the two main characters, after watching this I pretend to forget that fat bird to exist. The main character realizes his feelings to the other.

It is quite enjoyable for me. If you a fan of the light story, I'm fully recommended Tamako Love Story, anybody who watched Tamako Market should watch this film too. It's breathtaking, light, and brings serenity to your heart....